Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Life changes and stuff

In the last month, I got my swagga back, hahaha (took that line from Just Another Cinderella Story -- my daughter watches that movie way too much) What I mean by that is, I finally found my inner motivation and started to work out again and watching what I'm eating.

Ever since we bought the new digital scale, I've been consciously weighing myself daily. Whether or not, I should do that or not. I do it. And it has been helping me. Many times, people get started on a diet once they have so much weight to lose.

I feel great! In the past years or so, I've kept a food diary, which I log down what I eat. Plus I write down any workout I do too.

In addition, I do take vitamin supplements. I have to. No balanced meal for me. I'm way too picky. After doing a lot of research for which vitamins I should be taking, I decided on Nature Made - Multi for Her

Counting calories is what I've been doing lately. The other night, I made chicken enchiladas for the family because they wanted to eat that. Even though I made it, I chose to eat a turkey sandwich. My son asked me why. I told him that the turkey sandwich that I'm eating has fewer calories than the chicken enchiladas. He was surprised, "you actually count that?" LOL, yes, I do.

Now, I'm not going to say that I will be accurate at it. Or I will count calories every day until the end of time. But for now, this is helping me.

Another I do is drink green tea five times a week (actually only when I'm at work but I need to drink it every day. Green tea is good for your body and has antioxidants. There is no brand that I drink. Whatever is on sale. However, I usually shop at the Asian markets because they are cheaper. A box is $2 or less and contains 20 - 30 tea bags. I actually drink it plain, no sugars.

I'm going to enjoy my life being healthy. Will blog soon about natural products and hair/skin care.

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Dana Yoshimizu said...

I cannot count calories anymore, I've tried it and it just didn't work. I became obsessed with my calorie count and the number on the scale >_<

Sheetal said...

Nicki, I started drinking green tea (nok-cha) since I've been in Korea~

As for the weighing on the scale, I'm not a fan :( I'm too scared I think!