Thursday, June 18, 2009

All Bran samples

Honestly, I don't remember signing up for the free samples. That's why I didn't post them.

Usually the samples come 6 - 8 weeks afterwards.

I received a package from All Bran with three samples - Strawberry Medley Cereal, Strawberry Drizzle Fiber Bar, & Red Raspberry Fiber Drink Mix . On top of that, I got $4 in coupons!

My daughter and I tried it. Since the products are target towards healthy eating, my daughter didn't like it as much as I did. However, she did enjoy the the Red Raspberry Fiber Drink Mix. I let her finish drinking it.

For some reason, I am very picky about Fiber Bars, especially in the Strawberry flavor. I love strawberries, as you can see on previous post about strawberry picking, but strawberries that are in any other products, even though it has all natural strawberries still taste artificial to me.

Because of that I also didn't enjoy the Strawberry Medley Cereal as much either.

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