Thursday, June 18, 2009

So freaking hot outside

Just came back from one of my daily walks at work. Now, I'm cooling off typing this. Shoot, I'm sweaty too! Plus, I've been religiously working out. Feels great!

I want the rain to come down. Just rain and take away this pathetic heat! As I get older, I can not tolerate the heat like I used to.

But I'll be in Miami next week!!!! Exacty one week from today! Yes, next Thursday!! Won't be back to work until July 6th! No, I'm not staying in Miami that long. Just decided to take an extended time off. I got the time, why not?

I'll be okay with the Miami heat. Location is near the ocean so the breezes will be perfect. I will take lots of pics and post some here. However, the majority will be on MySpace and Facebook. But more on MySpace. If you have either, add me.

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Just looking for stuff to do with the family. I love spending time with them. Kids grow up so quickly.

Researching about more natural products. The things I'm learning. It's never too much information to learn about things.

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