Friday, June 19, 2009

Freebies recap & TGIF

Okay, here is the Freebies recap

Opi Nail Polish

Dove Hair Care

Reminder - Smoothie

Reminder - Chocolate

Beauty Test Kit

Anti-Aging Skincare

Vegetarian Starter Pack

Quick & Crafty Book

TGIF. Happy Friday!!

Friday is finally here. And two of my co-workers are out. And one just called in. Great! But will not let that stop me from smiling.

Last night, I watched Yes Man. It was a good movie. Jim Carrey's character was so depressed after his breakup with his live-in girlfriend. He didn't want to do anything. He went to a seminar and was told to say yes to life because good things can happen. So he started taking flying lessons, learning Korean, being spontaneous, etc. I loooooved the meaning. Makes you think about life.

Then I thought about the movie, The Bucket List too. Also very good movie. Jack Nicholson's character is diagnosed with terminal lung disease. He realize that he may not have long to live so he made a list of things he must/have to do before he dies.

Life is too short to not enjoy it. Have you ever thought about your bucket list? The list of things you want to do!

Here's my Bucket List

1. Learn to Swim
I never knew how to swim! I made sure my kids learned!

2. Skydive
Shoot, I want the thrill

3. Bungee Jumping
same as above

4. Parasailing
May as well after I learn to swim :)

5. Ride a hot air balloon
Looks soooo fun!

6. Visit every state in the USA
Love reading about traveling and love history

7. Travel outside the USA
Never traveled outside the USA, no kidding. Can not name just one country, I have to name a few that I must visit - India, Malaysia, South Korea, Egypt

8. Learn martial arts
Gosh, I heart martial arts and always wanted to learn, preferably Jeet Kune Do cause I heart Bruce Lee

9. Ride a horse, elephant, or camel
or all three!!!!!!

That's it for now. What's your bucket list??


Dana Yoshimizu said...

<3 Thanks for the very sweet comment hun :)

Prachi Patel said...

Skydiving and Bungee jumping are most definitely on mine as well.

I have riden a horse, an elephant and a camel!! if you ever come to india you must

Aymiee said...

1- swimming is #1 on my list also.... treading actually .

Good luck and let me know if you mastered it!!!