Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lazy & Unproductive

First of all, sorry everyone for the lacks of updates and pics. Monday's and Tuesday's are usually my very busy days at work. Right now, things have calmed down at work and I'm able to come on here and post.

I used to just post quick random things on this blog. However, I've tried to post more, updating with pics. Before I didn't visit other blogs besides those who are into movies like I am but decided to update here more now for friends to read up on what is going on.

This morning, I was rushing out of the house and forgot my memory card from my digi camera to upload pics!! Not to mention, I have a test I need to study for very soon!! Have a test tonight.

Over the weekend, I was very lazy and very unproductive. Let's just say, instead of taking all the pictures that I wanted to....I either left my digi cam at home OR I was watching a Kdrama - for the past Kdramas that I've seen, it's hard for me to start and stop. I have to watch them all.

For those who don't know what a Kdrama is. It's a Korean drama and airs in Korea...but they are very popular and hit dvds. Actually, it's equivalent to an American show like One Tree Hill, 90210, or Gossip Girl EXCEPT it's not that looong. It usually is only 16 episodes long. Yes, it actually ends and concludes that way. Some dramas are a bit longer up to 26 episodes or so but always concludes.

Anyways, that's what I did. What a wasteful weekend indeed.

Oh yeah, I did manage to blog about my thoughts on the Kdrama I saw over the weekend.

One Fine Day

I really hate blogging and not post pics cause it will look boring, lol.

Here's two icons of my favorite couple in the whole wide world.

Model-turn stars - John Abraham & Bipasha Basu. Both are Indian celebs. I blog about them on my Indian cinema site.

John Abraham is my ultimate hottie and I actually had a chance to meet him before. You can check out his fione pics here and my brief encounter with him here.

Bipasha Basu is my girl crush. I actually loved her since she modeled a looong time ago. But she is my inspiration for being fit and I absolutely adore her. You can read about why I love her here and her, not only be hot and sexy but being fit here, here, here, and here.

Okay, so this is a dumb post....but will update soon tomorrow.

Oh yeah, I don't put the FOLLOW gadget on any of my blogs. You can actually follow me (that is if you really want) by copying the URL of any of my blogs, going to your Dashboard, go to your Reading List, then you will see an Add button and add the blog (by pasting it there since the URL is already copied)


Girl on Top said...

Good luck with your test tonight!

Mz Lily said...

Hope you did well on your test. :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

It's too late to wish you luck, but I hope it went well.

Pang said...

Hope you did well on your test! :) I added you, hahaha! I didn't know that you could just do that! In my defense, I'm new to blogger! LOLz...

I think you said you found me from Pebhmong. Do you frequent PH forums alot?