Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hump Day

Isn't this funny? I was on Facebook last night and took this quiz. Love Facebook for that. It's fun. The quiz is titled "How Old Do You Look?" And look at my results!!

I don't think I look 16 but based on what I answered, that's my results. A few months ago, I took a quiz that was something about "What is your real age?" I will have to find that quiz soon because my result came out to be 10 years old!!! Hahaha.

This morning, I was looking through my Photo folder on my computer and saw some pictures that I took when the family went to Callaway Gardens, located in Pine Mountain, GA. Then I decided I would post them here.

I love nature. The fresh air. Beautiful colors. Mother Nature's beauty wonders.

There's a lot more Callaway Gardens then just this. Those pics are just from the green house. But those are just what I'm sharing for now :)

The Pursuit of Happyness

No, I'm not talking about the movie.

Actually, what does it mean to be happy? Everyone's defintion of happy varies depending on who you are asking. But to me, no one is completely happy, ever! There will be something that we will want to change, or want more of.

For example, a wife and mother, who had everything she ever wanted. Big house, lots of land, good life style not worrying about money since her husband is capable of taking care of her and their son. However, she lacks the love and affection from her husband because he's always working.

Another example, a couple who has two kids. They love each other very much. Always together, spending time. Living in a decent home, but they wish they were more financially stable.

Okay, take the families out of it.

No matter how genetically deprived we may be the way we were born as, many will try to change that.

If you have natural dark hair, you want your hair lighter.

If you were born short, you want to be taller.

If you have fair skin, you want to be dark skin.

I can go on and on.

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