Thursday, May 14, 2009

Loooooove my new scale

Family and I usually go to Sam's Club about once a month to stock up on items. We like browsing in the clearance side and came across an interesting-looking scale.

Hubby opened it. The scale was see-through glass! Looks futuristic. We like.

We really needed a new scale. It has been about six months since we had one. Hubby accidently spilled coffee all over the old scale and it stopped working. It was a digital scale as well. We bought that scale from Circuit City (no longer in business).

Since the new scale looked cool and can measure body fat and water fat, why not?

We bought it. Took it home. Used it.

Loooooove it.

You can program your age, gender, and height before you step on the scale. Once it gives your weight, it shows your fat percentage, and then your water weight percentage.

Soooo cool!!!

What makes it even more amazing is it saves your information. All you have to do is scroll to where you saved it and it will pop back up the information you have program before. Wait until the scale reads 0.0 and step on again.

Absolutely love it.

I have been weighing myself everyday now. I know I'm not suppose to. But to me, it helps me out to lose weight. To help me stay on track.

Most people wait until they are at least 15 pounds over before any attempt to be on a diet or exercise. I have to stay up on it.

I lost a lot of weight last year, gained it again (due to lack of exercise and medical reason) but I am not letting myself go again. No more excuses.

Oh yeah, the name of this scale is called Taylor Lithium Electronic Glass Scale 7506