Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day at work

Even though today is a busy day for the payroll industry, I still can walk away and have time for myself.

I can not do that at home. Thinking and realizing that as much as I complain about going to work, I have more "me" time at work. I can get up and take a walk and think.

When I am at home, I have so much to do. I feel as though I have A.D.D. at home. Once I start something, then I lose my mind and end up doing something else. Cooking seems to be nonstop. Not only cooking, there's cleaning too.

Even though my kids are older now, I must constantly remind them to do their chores. It's getting old and annoying.

Hubby does a great job with the landscape, where he usually is. Or out kayaking and fishing.

If I'm not home, I'm at the grocery store buying items. Or Wal-Mart buying household items.

Being at work, I seem to fit more workouts than at home.

No wonder I haven't had time to watch movies anymore. I used to watch them late at night when everyone is sleeping. But now instead, I'm up studying.

At work, it's the usual, come in, read e-mails, see what's going on, turn on all 13 PCs, connect to the mainframe, see what payrolls are in, investigate if there is a problem, then run payroll, check off. That's basically my day at work.

Of course, every day is different depending on what is needed.

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