Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nice weekend??

In Georgia, for the past few months, it's been raining almost every single day. Although the rain was much needed because of the drought last year, I wanted the weekend to at least be rain-free.

Finally! So it looks like this weekend will be nice. Or at least that's what weather [dot] com has. I certainly hope and want it to be nice.

Hoping to take some pictures this weekend of the garden. Hubby's hobby is gardening. He has done a wonderful job with the landscaping and wanted to take pictures. But everytime I do, it starts to rain! Not enough sunshine to light up!

That is how Lake Lanier looked like before (prior 2007) and after (the drought, 2007-2008) Hubby says it's filling up again. He's thankful since he loves kayaking/fishing.

Picture taken from

Boring post, hope to have updates soon

Oh yeah, if anyone is interested, I blogged about a Hindi film I saw called 13B - it's a horror/thriller and Hollywood plans to remake it!!

Read it here.


MK said...

hey! i actually like it when it rains, it clears the air and leaves beautiful clouds in the sky. =) anywho you can find free samples online.. check out

Mz Lily said...

I'm glad it's getting sunny again...we def. need more days like these esp after all the rain. And Yes, Lake Lanier def looks better now.