Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Randomness about me

Saw this posted by the lovely Dana @ http://danayoshimizu.blogspot.com/

Besides what I blogged about my family not too long ago, I thought this would be fun to do. This sorta reminds me of the 25 Random Things that I filled out on Facebook earlier this year, but you know what, I love filling out surveys so I'll do this too for Bloggerland. Oh yeah, I did post about My Bucket List at the bottom of this post too, so I'll try to think of new things to list since I can ramble on forever.

Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag ten people with the award, and be sure to let them know they've been tagged. Don't forget to link back the blogger who tagged you.

I'm just not going to tag anyone so just whoever wants to fill it out :)

1. I exercise almost every day. Almost, I said. I will skip a day but that's it. I mainly jump rope. I've been having a love-hate relationship with the scale and my body. Even though I may look like I'm 500 lbs, I actually am 900 lbs instead, hehehehe. I freaking hate my unporportional body shape. Some women may want calves but they can have mine, they are huge (will have to take pics of them to show) but add that with small ankles!

2. I dress like a slob to work. What I mean by that is I don't really care how I look because in the environment where I work, we could dress casual. Therefore, I choose to dress down, particularly with my workout outfits so I could be comfortable taking my walks and walking up/down the stairs. Yes, I used to dress nicer but it's okay. I rather dress down than up so when someone at work sees me out in public, they would say "wow" instead, lol. However, if I know I will be in a meeting or in pics at work, I will dress "nicer" - more like jeans and a cute top, and sometimes will fix my hair, still no makeup, lol.

3. I always want a new hair style but don't really keep up with it. I invest more in getting different cuts now because I am really not stylish. Just in the past 5 years or so, maybe a bit longer, I used to always end up cutting my hair because I didn' t know much about layering my hair entirely throughout. I hate my thick hair being long because I look like a FOB. Plus I used to color my hair all the time just to show that I did something to my hair. However, now I'm learning to just keep my natural hair color, whatever it may be, because I'm tired of damaging my hair. I do have my different hair color and length on MySpace and Facebook. I'll see about posting it here :)

4. Although I love taking pictures of others and scenery, I don't like to be in many pictures because I am very self-conscious with my looks. I only have selective pics that I have cropped myself from group pictures in which I think I look decent.

5. I never had an "official" wedding ceremony. And I actually don't care. Really. Many people have asked me about it. A lot of Asian couples who didn't have their wedding ceremony, actually an American wedding, are having theirs many years later after togetherness and kids. But or me, right now, I rather focus on saving money for my family and me than show off to others how "happy I am." I don't need approval from others for this.

6. Even though I am a movie fanatic, watching so many movies from English to Tamil to Hindi to Telugu to Korean to Mandarin, etc....I listen to just as much music, maybe more. I can not live without music. I'm constantly playing CDs in my car on the way to wherever. Or play music when I'm at home cleaning up. Actually growing up, I was more of a music lover than movie. It's just that good-looking men onscreen made me turn that way :)

7. For some reason, I have a fansination for learning history and other cultures, particularly Asia, but mostly about India. Sometimes my hubby thinks I was a Desi (Indian) girl in my past life. I love everything and anything Indian. I'm not attracted to many Asian guys because most of them look metrosexual, to me. Some people say my hubby could pass for a Desi guy. I will read countless books about India's history, how it shaped Asia, in general. Most people do not know but Buddhism originated in India -- even though it is not practiced in India as much as it is in other parts of Asia - Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, etc.

8. Besides my fasniation for learning history, I am just as amused with geography. I know where most countries are located and their capitals. My mind boggles when I look at old maps. Because now there are so many countries due to democracy or whatever reasons, I love to learn which countries existed in the past and what countries formed because of the reasons. In addition to that, I also learn about the languages in a country. It amuses me that some people think there are languages such as Indian or Egyptian. No such thing. There are many languages in India - Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, English, Gujarati, etc. Arabic is spoken in these many countries - Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, etc.

9. I'm such a picky eater. Now, I can go to any restaurant and order. I'll just have to pick my own dish. When I say picky, I mean the particular meat and/or veggies used in the dish. I am open to any type of cuisine. To me, there is something in every culture's cuisine that you will like. I don't like most meats - the ONLY meats I eat are chicken and shrimp. Okay, I do eat a few fish, such as tilapia, tuna, and salmon, but other than that, nothing else seafood. Well, I did lie, I do eat some pork and turkey, but not all the time, it's very seldom and only in certain dishes. I'll say 2 or 3 times a year. Just like meat, I am picky about veggies too! I know! But I'm learning to eat more of a variety of veggies. You would think I would be stick skinny...but I love sweets and carbs too much!!!

10. I am terribly afraid of water. It mostly is due to the fact that I can't swim. I do want to learn one day but I'm always afraid of drowning if the water up ahead, most likely natural bodies of water, is going deeper. In my mind, I'm thinking something or someone is going to pull me under. This also is due to the fact that Hmong and Lao folks' urban legends about creatures in the water pulling humans in. This may sound crazy but sometimes when I take a shower, if I daydream too much, I feel that I'm drowning :(

Okay, this is it...hope no one got bored :)

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