Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Please, no infection!

Since last Wednesday, my left ear has been hurting. It isn't a ringing sensation, more like a soreness. So I did my rigorous workout - jump roping for 30 mins.

The pain continued to the weekend and I ended up with a migraine. Took Motrin and the migraine is gone.

When I drink Mountain Dew, I felt my ear burning like crap.

Now, it's Tuesday, I still have soreness in the ear. Plus haven't worked out so probably gained so much weight, no major workout except walking around.

Finally, I called a nurse and she suggested me to come in and see the doctor. My appointment is tomorrow in the late afternoon.

I just pray it's nothing major. Could be an ear or sinus infection??

I waited it out because I just didn't think much of it. I try to be a Superwoman...but only for so long.

Gotta get better. Family trip is this weekend!


Pang said...

Hope its nothing serious! Have fun in FL! What area are you going to be visiting?

Femme Fatale 80 said...

Oh no!! Haven't had one of them in years (thank gawd!) hopefully it's not too serious girl!

Yes, I don't know how you put it out a year but I didn't even go a full month into it so I guess, it's not fair anyways since I continued to eat chicken but still!! I was trying to work on not eating that also. LOL --> No chance! LOL

Have a great day beautiful!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Oh no, I hope you're not getting sick!! >_< Get better soon hun! I hope the hurt goes away soon