Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thrift shopping

While I'm not a shopolic cause I have no $$$ and am waaaay too big to find cute clothes, I took my daughter thrift shopping and found some awesome deals!

My daughter is a big girl for her age. She is going to be 10-years-old and 4'10", next thing you know, she'll be taller than me. She's a bit on the chunky side too so it's hard to find cute clothes to fit her.

A co-worker of mine told me about this thrift store she goes to in the area where we work because she lives close-by to work. Our workplace is in a well-off area, yeah, the "richer" side of town. Anyways, she has brought receipts and the outfits to show me how much she saved by going there. I remember one particularly being the Seven jeans, which she got for only $5.

So why not? I remember channel-flipping and seeing Denise Richard's show on MTV when she said she was going to the local Goodwill to drop off some clothes and shoes she has not even worn!!

Therefore, I finally decided to go there.

OMG, we found great deals! Half of the outfits we found were never worn. The tags were still on there!!! Many of them are from the Limited Too, which now Justice owns. We were even able to find some Baby Phat and Rocawear jeans and skirts.

So now, I'm thinking about going to some more thrift stores that are in the well-off areas to shop for my daughter. It doesn't hurt. I actually found some cute shirts for myself too.

To make it even better, we went to look at the book section and bought several books. My daughter found the book she's been wanting to read. I actually forgot the title. We even found a book that my hubby has been dying to read too. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand - we used to have this book but got burn in the fire.

This school year, my daughter's elementary school is enforcing the uniforms dress code, which I totally agree on. Although the kids are not very happy with it, I think they should focus on their education instead of worrying about fashion.

For girls, this is their dress code....

-- Navy blue or pants (short or long)
-- Khaki shirt, jumper or pants (short or long)
-- Burgandy, white or blue blouse or polo style shirt
-- Flat shoes ONLY

That's not too bad.

School starts again in a month or so!!!!

My son goes to a middle school that is not in the school zone where we live. I make an effort to drop him off and him stay at the local YMCA. It's in a well-off area and the school has high ratings. They don't have dress codes.

I can not believe my son will be a teenager in a few weeks!! He's already taller than me. He's only two inches shorter than hubby. Next thing you know, he'll be taller.

Kids grow up so fast.

I still remember my son being the fat, 9-lbs baby that I had (yes, he was 9-lbs at birth, I can't use this as the reason why I'm still fat) Now, he's a tall, skinny boy.


Mz Lily said...

Wow...great to shop for school clothes; although, Yani won't need it but great for walking around. Next time, you go, tell me...I want to go too since Christien is always in need of jeans because he always gets holes where his knees are. Sometimes, I think he walks on his knees. lol...

Pang said...

Awesome finds! We have no ritzy area in our town so the thrift stores here carry mostly mall brands! :( I have some friends in LA who get Manolos & Ferragamos for $10 at thrift stores!