Monday, July 6, 2009

Back, but not really.....

Sorry I have been on hiatus. Yes, due to my Miami trip. I got back Tuesday night, June 30th, but later than usual because of thunderstorms in Miami.

I am back at work today.

I have not been inspired to blog about my trip. I have posted all my pics on MySpace and Facebook though. Maybe tomorrow, I will just post selected pics from the trip.

On Wednesday, July 1st, I got a text message from one of my high school friends that her 16-years old, nephew passed away. It was so sad. He was the first born from her siblings side. She's the only girl and has two brothers. He was a good kid with good grades and participated in a lot of activities, such as karate, church, and football. His funeral was yesterday. I knew him since he was born :( All his school and church buddies were there at the funeral. This is the article on him -

When I saw his body, I couldn't think or say anything. Since he drowned, his body was still wet, he layed peacefully. His death reminded me of my hubby's uncle Chay. He was a good-looking fella with everything going on his life. He drowned in the ocean and passed away when he was only 15-years-old.

My son, who is going to be 13-years old, in a few weeks was named after him. His name is Patrick (his daddy's name) Chay (his uncle RIP). We just call him Chay (pronounced SHAY)

I've only been to a few funerals. I've never known anyone very very close to me who has passed. My grandmother passed away in 1999 but I wasn't close to her. Seeing her body sent chivers down my spine too. Besides that, my nephew passed away two years ago, he was only a month old. I didn't really know him either since hubby and his sister were not on speaking terms for many years and we were not even there for the birth of their son. However, we all got re-connected again after his death. Sad, but true.

Seeing Brandon, my high school friend's nephew, in the coffin made me take a second look at life. Whenever it's your time, it is. He had everything going on with his life but just didn't make it. We, as parents, want the best for our kids. We always want our kids to outlive us.

RIP Brandon Banda


Girl on Top said...

This is so sad! So young! :(

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I'm so sorry to hear this :( This is such a sad and unfortunate event that just happeend...

Mz Lily said...

Life is short and events like these makes us appreciates life more. R.I.P Brandon!