Monday, July 20, 2009


Hahaha, that's what one of my girl friends called me the other day. She said it's a compliment and that I'm always thinking about my kids first. Sometimes I would take her daughter with me to events too because she is soooo busy working on weekends that she doesn't have time to take her daughter out.

Definition of a Soccer Mom according to Wikipedia....

The phrase soccer mom generally refers to a married middle-class woman who lives in the suburbs and has school age children.
Check. I fit in all those categories

She is sometimes portrayed in the media as busy or overburdened and driving a minivan.
Check, again, I fit in all that.

She is also portrayed as putting the interests of her family, and most importantly her children, ahead of her own.
Check. I guess I could be considered a soccer mom....

I never thought myself as a soccer mom. My kids don't participate in that many activities with school during the weekdays but I do run around on the weekends and sometimes weekdays for them if maybe that's how the term got used.

Plus most of the time, I take other kids with me so their parents don't have to worry as much. Some parents have to work weekends and I understand that.

I've been busy preparing food in the last few days before the weekend. Through hubby and son a surprise bday party. Their bdays aren't until this coming up weekend but we will all be on a family trip to the FL beach so that's why I did the bbq cookout this past weekend. It was a bigger surprise for hubby and son that way :)

Didn't take pics, was too busy cooking. It was good. Very successful in the food department. Even baked cupcakes, cookies, and made that Asian jelly dessert.

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