Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bollywood Booty

Yes, I want a Bollywood Booty! Actually, I rather have a Tollywood booty instead :)

I was on Twitter chatting with a few friends about Bollywood workouts. Since I am a huge Bipasha Basu fan, I haven't had the chance to buy her workout dvd yet. When I wanted to purchase it, it was out of stock!

Then @kamala_chan mentioned Bollywood Booty, she has that workout dvd.

I searched at my local library and was able to find me a copy!

The other night, I tried to workout.

Honestly, it's not about working out your booty, more like your hips!! It was a good timepass.
Wow, seems like I'm reviewing a film, lol!

Some of the moves were cheesy...

For example - "paint the room," "turn the light bulb," "Bollywood vogue"



Kaolee said...

I tried this workout sometime ago! If I remember right, some moves were okay, but I don't think it was hard enough to make me feel much the next day.

Maya Magdalena said...

Sounds fun :)