Friday, October 1, 2010

TV show - Nikita

Maggie Q is half Irish/Vietnamese and made her big debut in movies in Hong Kong cinema. How random is that? It's all thanks to Mr. Jackie Chan!

Since then she has just been in supporting roles in Hollywood in movies such as Mission: Impossible III, Balls of Fury, Live Free or Die Hard, and Deception.

In Nikita, Maggie Q has the main lead role. An action packed, kick ass role!! I was extra excited. I love the fact that a non blonde will play Nikita.

I have seen the original French film in which Nikita has taken inspiration from. On top of that, there has already been a 90s tv show called La Femme Nikita remade and the movie, A Point of No Return is the Hollywood movie remake.

After three episodes of watching Nikita, I have to say, I do like the action and like Maggie Q.

However, I think Maggie Q is better as a supporting actress :( I want to like her more but I do not like her acting. To me, she tries to hard to be tough and cool. Most of the time, her face is blank. Her acting reminds me of another half Asian actress (Dutch/Chinese), Kristin Kreuk. Both are gorgeous ladies with little facial expressions.

Don't think I'm coming down on half Asian Hollywood actresses, I don't even like Daniel Henney's acting who is British/Korean. He has slightly improved in acting.

My hubby doesn't like the fact that Maggie is 80 lbs and drop kicking and flipping the bad guys triple her size, lol

I want to like Maggie and hope she will prove me wrong!

I love the show Nikita as a whole :)

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