Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tea Walk 2010

My sis asked me to join her in the 6th annual Tea Walk.

Why not? It's free. Yes.
Free registration. Free food. Free t-shirt. Free entertainment.
It's all about getting all Asian Americans together.

TEA stands for
T - together
E - empowering
A - Asian Americans

So my daughter and I, along with my sis and her daughters did the walk, with some of her co-workers.
Her job is very actively involve or at least knows about a lot of the Asian events in the area.
They even sponsor some of the events.

Some of the volunteers 

my daughter getting coffee, seethe back of the t-shirt?

breakfast! apples or bananas? :D


Filipino dancers!

This dance is entertaining, it's called Tinikling

Hawaiin dancers shaking their hips!

Lao dancers

It was a great experience. It was more of a parade, rather than a walk/run, which I am used to. Hopefully, more pictures will re-surface around the net and I will post here.

Update - 10/13/2010

Found this pic!
Taken from B-vong

Can you find me?? :D

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