Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Food: Stuffed chicken wings & bell peppers

From my kitchen :D

I hate deboning chicken wings the most...but when I finally do, it's a huge success. Thankfully I didn't do as many. I try to make enough just for family, intead of having so much food.

The stuffing for the wings are the same as for the eggrolls. I didn't want to make any eggrolls.

It looks like chicken wings on steroids, huh?

I made sticky rice too so the family ate the stuff wings with it. I cut one of the wings up to show the stuffing.

Since I had left over stuffing, I decided to stuff the bell peppers. Hubby's garden still have a lot of bell peppers.


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Stephanie said...

You are magical in the kitchen. I love to cook as well.