Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Derry!

My youngest brother's girlfriend, Derry, was in town to celebrate her birthday. Since I was unable to go with her to her birthday gathering, I suggested a potluck get together at one of her older sister's house.

I decided to make three dishes. I didn't take a picture of my pigs in the blanket but here are pics of the other two dishes I made.

Dipped Dark and White Strawberries

Chicken wraps (didn't take the pic of the sauce I made)

I didn't make the following two dishes but they were yummy...

broiled chicken
Made by Kayla

Lo Mein
Shelly says she bought this from a local Chinese restaurant, lol

There were more dishes but didn't take a pic of all of them.
Last but not least, the birthday cake for my youngest bro's girlfriend, Derry. I hope she becomes my sister-in-law soon! I <3 her

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