Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Many faces (hair styles) of me....

Back in the days, okay, only a year ago, I used to dye my hair all the time. It has been a year and a half since I have *not* dyed my hair.

I ain't gonna lie...I do miss my blonde hair. So much maintenance keeping up with it.

Plus I used to chop my hair off all the time too. This time, I plan to grow out my hair!

This is always debatable with me. Short or Long Hair?

When my hair gets long, I always end up cutting my hair. I am a very boring and lazy person when it comes to styling my hair.

Long hair makes me feel sexier but I do think short hair makes me feel more youthful. is a picture post of my hair styles (and color!)

Okay, this pic is for fun, I look horrible!!! My NKOTB days. Loooooove them, still do :D
Look at my horrible hair!! Bushy eyebrows :D

Okay, hair is better but still had the bushy eyebrows!

Here's another one of my 90s fashion, at least the hair is cooler, right?

Then I went really short

I found some pics of me when I used to tag my name on them. These are within the past 5 years, no more throwbacks! Yes, that much hair changes!!

I found the bleach!

Yes, I went from blonde to red!!

Mixing the blonde & red

And back to blonde again!

Then went back to my roots

Then more orangey to match my tan

Forgive my ugly expression...but had to chop it off again

Love the layers!

Bipasha inspired hair

A birthday pic of me in 2008
I don't usually wear makeup

More colors?

December 2009, dark hair, makeup by my friend, Naly X

Birthday pic, 2010, another Bipasha inspired hairstyle!

May 2010, Mother/Daughter photoshoot

June 2010, in MN, hair done by my friend, Stephanie

Yes, my hair is growing...
This is the most recent pic of me with my hair long, I flat-ironed it. August 2010

This pic, I just took this past Sunday (September 2010) to show off the green contacts for my friend who sold it to me.

Thanks for following me on my hair journey....
So....long or short hair? And what color? :D


vinay said...

Miss Hair Style 2010 ;D , i would love to see more of ur pics #DiffHairstyle :D

Anishok said...

Nicki, you look great with all of these hairstyles (maybe except the red/blonde look, hehe)...I really liked all the Bips inspired haircuts and also that grungy look you got going in the 90's, you looked FIERCE!

jjake said...

Yes you looked FIERCE in the 90's and I would be happy if I had eyebrows you could see. I love changing my hair around too. Nyambura wants me to try Brown next, but only if I dye my eyebrows too. I might do it.....

Maya Magdalena said...

I absolutely love this post!! Awesome, so much fun :) And thank you soo much for sharing so generously! My most fav is December 2009, it's gorgeous... I want hair like that too :)

You look great both in longer and shorter, lighter and darker... there's some sort of chameleon quality to your looks that I really like!

And yes, if there are more pictures... go for it, this is brilliant stuff.

Stephanie said...

The blonde looks cute.