Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hiatus - I'll be in Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Bloggers!!!

I've been soooooooooooooooooo busy this week. It's quarter end at work, and I'm leaving for Miami tomorrow!

Spending time with the family before I head out tomorrow.

Will blog and post lots of pics when I come back.

Until then, no posts from me.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Freebies recap & TGIF

Okay, here is the Freebies recap

Opi Nail Polish

Dove Hair Care

Reminder - Smoothie

Reminder - Chocolate

Beauty Test Kit

Anti-Aging Skincare

Vegetarian Starter Pack

Quick & Crafty Book

TGIF. Happy Friday!!

Friday is finally here. And two of my co-workers are out. And one just called in. Great! But will not let that stop me from smiling.

Last night, I watched Yes Man. It was a good movie. Jim Carrey's character was so depressed after his breakup with his live-in girlfriend. He didn't want to do anything. He went to a seminar and was told to say yes to life because good things can happen. So he started taking flying lessons, learning Korean, being spontaneous, etc. I loooooved the meaning. Makes you think about life.

Then I thought about the movie, The Bucket List too. Also very good movie. Jack Nicholson's character is diagnosed with terminal lung disease. He realize that he may not have long to live so he made a list of things he must/have to do before he dies.

Life is too short to not enjoy it. Have you ever thought about your bucket list? The list of things you want to do!

Here's my Bucket List

1. Learn to Swim
I never knew how to swim! I made sure my kids learned!

2. Skydive
Shoot, I want the thrill

3. Bungee Jumping
same as above

4. Parasailing
May as well after I learn to swim :)

5. Ride a hot air balloon
Looks soooo fun!

6. Visit every state in the USA
Love reading about traveling and love history

7. Travel outside the USA
Never traveled outside the USA, no kidding. Can not name just one country, I have to name a few that I must visit - India, Malaysia, South Korea, Egypt

8. Learn martial arts
Gosh, I heart martial arts and always wanted to learn, preferably Jeet Kune Do cause I heart Bruce Lee

9. Ride a horse, elephant, or camel
or all three!!!!!!

That's it for now. What's your bucket list??

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Reminder - it's Friday - free chocolate


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Reminder - today is the day to use the coupon for the smoothie!!

Here is the original post :)

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Convo earlier when I was walking at work

This is one convo that happened today. It isn't the first time; it won't be the last time either.

*Co-worker - just someone who works at the same company. Doesn't actually mean in same department or area under same manager.

*Nicki - me, the blogger, the poster.

Co-worker - Next time you go walking, let me know.

Nicki - I just go whenever I can.

Co-worker - But let me know next time so I could walk with you.

Nicki - (thinking to myself so I won't offend him/her. If you really want to then you could have done it already.) I'll see if I remember.

Co-worker - How many often do you walk?

Nicki - twice a day.

Co-worker - How long have you been walking?

Nicki - I'm not sure. Maybe a year or so.

Co-worker - do you walk twice a day, every day?

Nicki - 99.9% of the time, yes, I do.

Co-worker - when don't you?

Nicki - when I'm in meetings, but I keep a track of when, what time, how many times I walk. But I try my best to make time for it.

Co-worker - even when it rains?

Nicki - yes

Co-worker - I want to lose ___ (fill in the blank) lbs. I see you've been walking and looking better. Next time, let me know when you go walking.

Nicki - Walking alone doesn't help you lose all the weight. You have to do more than that, such as eating healthy as well. (I know I avoided giving the answer to when I go walking again)

Co-worker - Come get me when you go walking next time.

Nicki - okay (please, I'm not)

Besides, walking is **not** the *only* workout I do. It's just that lots of people at work know me as the girl who walks outside.

You can not rely on others to help yourself. Sure, it helps if there is some motivation. However, in the end, it's all up to you. Only you.

Just because you lost the weight when you reach your goal, you can not quit. You have to continue.

Exercise is only a small amount of weight loss. Eating healthy is the biggest amount.

So freaking hot outside

Just came back from one of my daily walks at work. Now, I'm cooling off typing this. Shoot, I'm sweaty too! Plus, I've been religiously working out. Feels great!

I want the rain to come down. Just rain and take away this pathetic heat! As I get older, I can not tolerate the heat like I used to.

But I'll be in Miami next week!!!! Exacty one week from today! Yes, next Thursday!! Won't be back to work until July 6th! No, I'm not staying in Miami that long. Just decided to take an extended time off. I got the time, why not?

I'll be okay with the Miami heat. Location is near the ocean so the breezes will be perfect. I will take lots of pics and post some here. However, the majority will be on MySpace and Facebook. But more on MySpace. If you have either, add me.

Add me on MySpace
Add me on Facebook

Just looking for stuff to do with the family. I love spending time with them. Kids grow up so quickly.

Researching about more natural products. The things I'm learning. It's never too much information to learn about things.

Free full-size OPI nail polish from Beauty Brands

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Aloe Vera drink

I love Aloe Vera plants. I blogged about it before and the reasons why.

For the past week, I've been doing so much research on natural healthy foods and drinks. Since I freaking love aloe vera plants, why not drink it?

Honestly, it sounds yucky...but I was unfair. I can not just rule it out yet. Shoot, I haven't even tried it yet!

Most natural products do use some kind of fruit, veggie, and/or herbs. I just have to give it a try.

So I went to the Asian food market last night and bought me an aloe vera drink.

I took it to work this morning. Just now, I tried it.


It's actually good. Way better than I would have thought! I'm impressed. I may just have to stock up on more.

For those who know me, I don't drink. No alcohol beverages. Or soda. AKA pop, as Northerners would say. However, I have to admit that I will have a Mountain Dew every now and then, probably once a month cause it just taste so good. I need to stop drinking it. It has so much sugar in it.

I do not like any sodas - Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Fanta - all those soft drink products, I don't drink.

Mostly I drink water. If anything else, it would be 2% milk, orange juice, or grapefruit juice. That's it.

I'll add aloe vera now.

All Bran samples

Honestly, I don't remember signing up for the free samples. That's why I didn't post them.

Usually the samples come 6 - 8 weeks afterwards.

I received a package from All Bran with three samples - Strawberry Medley Cereal, Strawberry Drizzle Fiber Bar, & Red Raspberry Fiber Drink Mix . On top of that, I got $4 in coupons!

My daughter and I tried it. Since the products are target towards healthy eating, my daughter didn't like it as much as I did. However, she did enjoy the the Red Raspberry Fiber Drink Mix. I let her finish drinking it.

For some reason, I am very picky about Fiber Bars, especially in the Strawberry flavor. I love strawberries, as you can see on previous post about strawberry picking, but strawberries that are in any other products, even though it has all natural strawberries still taste artificial to me.

Because of that I also didn't enjoy the Strawberry Medley Cereal as much either.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Preoccupied Saturday, followed by lazy Sunday

Don't know what it is.

On Saturday, it was a beautiful day but I did not want to get fooled. It has happened before. Just when you think it's going to be a beautiful day in the neighborhood, you get scattered rain.

When I was got up in the morning, I looked around and saw how beautiful the garden has gotten. So I snapped a couple of pics.

If you compare those pics to these when I first took them, then you could tell a big difference.

Aaaawww, yes. I saw Lizzie, that's what we call the lizards in the yard. When we first moved to the house three years ago. Hubby was re-modeling and re-doing the landscape. He saw a lot of lizards and kept them as pets. We even bought crickts to feed them. When we got the garden together, the lizards would see us and not be scared. They would let us touch and hold them. They're sooooo cute!

Are you able to find Lizzie below?

Afterwards, I took my daughter to go strawberry-picking. It was fun and couldn't believe there were so many people there already. We got there around 10 am.
OMG, freshly picked strawberries are soooo yummy!!! When I used them to make smoothies, I didn't have to add any sugar and/or honey to make them sweet. It was that good! Took pics of the place, not the strawberry smoothies :)

June is the last month for strawberry season too. I'm going to look up and see what other fruits and/or veggies for us to pick next :)

Later on, my daughter and I got home to place the strawberries in the fridge. We were craving Indian food. So we got ready to go eat some Indian food. Yummy! It's been several months since we've eaten it. Our favorite Indian restaurant cause it has the most variety on the lunch buffet. Just snapped a couple of pics.

Oh yeah, then I had a hair appointment! I didn't want to cut the length or anything. I'm trying to keep my hair longer. Just wanted to incorporate different styles. For three years, I've been going to the same stylist, Ava @ Van Michael at the Forum.

She is awesome!!!! With hair cuts, I do believe you pay for what you get. Ava prefers me with this length of hair. I was telling her that I plan to chop it off next year or so. I wanted to donate my hair to Locks of Love, which I've done before.

One of my co-workers think my hair looks shorter but Ava didn't trim or cut off any length, only volume. Whatcha think? Does it look shorter? I'm going to flat-iron my hair this weekend and see if there are any differences.

Besides all that and cooking, that makes up my Saturday.

Sunday was very lazy. All I did was cook a bit and watched the Kdrama, Iljimae all day. I need to stop. Well, did write up a review on it if you wanna check it out.


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Friday, June 12, 2009

Recap of Freebies of the day

Just in case you missed it.

Here's the recap.

Mars Chocolate

Business Week magazine


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Vitamin Drink

Cooking Butter

Aloe Butter

Foot Patch

Cohesive Tape


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Every Friday the free chocolate will go faster and faster as more people find out about it. Remember you can win up to 4 times!

I have won TWICE already. The coupon has already been sent to me. Will post a picture soon.

Mars is giving away coupons for free "Real Chocolate" every Friday starting at 9:00 am and ending at 11:59 pm. Each Friday the first 250,000 people who register for coupons will get free chocolate. That's right, 250,000 each and every Friday through September 25.

And to make it even better, you can win up to four times so I did enter again :)

I will blog about it every Friday to remind everyone.

But you are limited to a total of 4 coupons per household, but you can only get one coupon each Friday.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Free Samples at Atlanta-Area Panera Bread Locations on June 11

Sorry, this is just for Atlanta folks!

Today, Thursday, June 11, go to one of metro Atlanta’s 21 Panera Bread cafes for free samples.

From 6:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m., they’re giving out tasters of two summer salads -- a chopped Cobb salad & a strawberry poppyseed salad -- and frozen drinks - strawberry smoothies, frozen lemonade, and frozen mocha.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Freebies for the day

In case you missed the freebies for the day!

A recap.

Sun Crystal Sweetner

Ola Loa Vitamins

7-day free pass at Bally's

Mr Clean Magic Eraser

Pacific Rim Tote

Softsheen Carson Optimum Dandruff Haircare

Metamucil Pink Lemonade and Berry Burst

Fekkai Hair Products

Thanks for the wishes! I made a 100% on the test. Yah!

Will come back and post some old school pics later on today. Gotta get back to work

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