Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I'm super bored today. I stayed late last night to finish all the projects I had for work. I didn't want to ask for more work today, even though I'm bored cause I wouldn't be able to finish it cause I'll be gone to MN tomorrow!!

Why MN? It's my Aunt's 70th birthday party celebration along with her anniversary with Uncle. She is my mom's oldest sibling too. My mom is the youngest sibling in her family. MN is known as Hmongville since so many live there (WI is next, and look, they are neighbors, lol).


I actually have no immediate family in GA except for my parent and siblings. My dad's side are mostly in WI. I get to see them also this weekend since they will be joining us on Saturday for the party. I cannot wait to see everyone. It's been a while.

It'll just be my parents, my sister, and me leaving tomorrow. My parents decided to extend their stay for a week because a cousin's grandmother passed away and they want to attend the funeral. Unfortunately for my sister and me, we cannot stay.

My sis hasn't been to MN in two decades!! The last time I was there was 3 years ago for a wedding. I didn't get too see all the relatives either. This time, I hope to see them all, especially the ones traveling from WI.

I'm also meeting up with Bollywood fanatics like me and we plan to watch Chennai Express! Yah!!! I'm really digging the OST, especially Ready Steady Po. Bring the masala!

In GA, most of the kids have already started school. Most family and friends outside of GA were questioning why we start so early since they start after Labor Day. GA schools last day also is before Memorial Day and they get longer breaks off too.

The weather is gloomy and raining this week but I'm happy to know that MN will be sunny. I was debating whether or not to bring jeans but I think I am, just in case, lol.

I was worried about the Fitbit Challenge at work about not hitting my goal steps and I was right, I already started off bad this week by not meeting the regular 10,000 steps. I went to bed last night early and got 8 hours of sleep, lol. Honestly, I wasn't feeling that well either but I feel great now...

The fitbit has actually helped me in helping me get out of a plateau so I'm happy. I just have to step it up. Whether or not, I win the challenge, I'm not worried about anymore since I just plan to hit my own personal goals.

I have the Fitbit Flex. My friends and family who have the fitbit have a different kind. I've heard the Fitbit One more instead. What I don't like about the Flex is that I cannot see the actual steps I've made, just shows dots when reaching a certain number but it does buzz when I hit my goal that day.

Also, I thought it will sync in with my phone, I was mislead, lol. My phone is next to my laptop with the usb to sync, and I thought it was syncing but it wasn't. I have an older Samsung Galaxy. Oh well.

Enough of the blabbering, will be posting on Instagram, pics throughout my week. I'm excited. Follow me on Instagram - ApunBindaas

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Since I haven't blogged, here goes

It's mid March of 2013 and I haven't been blogging much, I still tweet randomly and check my FB from time to time. Busy season hits me at work and I've been overwhelmed with a lot of work but it's been great overall. I work with wonderful people.

I've decided to take a look at my life and decided what I want to focus on because life is too short and we don't have enough time to do everything what we want to either. We have to pick and choose what we feel is important in our lives. Those without the same dreams or goals will never understand.

In the past few months, I've done a lot of soul searching with friends, in general. Making me think to myself who is a friend and what makes a good friend? I have to admit that a few of my close friends now are those who I've met within the past five years. Some people think growing up together makes you bff's but to me, those who understand and been there for you are more bff's than someone who you grew up with. 

My bff is and always have been my hubby. A lot of people put up a front and make it seem like their love life is perfect. No one's is. It's just how you present it.

There's nothing really much to update on my end. Well, not anything worth mentioning prematurely until news is confirm. I hate to jump the gun on some news and then people ask about it later. My goal is to blog at least once a month. I have to really think about my movie blogs because that's what got me blogging in the first place and meeting so many of you wonderful people online.

Pic of hubby & me - Christmas party 2012