Monday, August 31, 2009

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Friday, August 28, 2009


Sometimes I want to just blog on and on because I can blabber on forever.
Sometimes I don't because my life is so boring.

Sometimes I don't want to share with others what is going on with my life because no one seems to do so.
Sometimes I do want to when a few of my blogger friends who do it, I feel that it's very selfish of me not to share my life stories like they do.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

From REMEDY magazine

Just wanted to share something I found interesting in the Fall 2009 issue of REMEDY magazine on page 7

Do Workouts really work?

You leave the gym after an hour on the stationary bike, confident that you'll be burning off extra calories all day.

Well, maybe not.

Research shows that eating as little as 240 calories of carbohydrates during the hour before exercise can reduce fat-burning during exercise, and the boost in fat-burning during exercise can be stuymied up for up to six hours after eating a meal.

The study in Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews states, "Exercise of an hour or less has little impact on 24-hour fat oxidation." Edward Melanson, Ph.D., a resarcher at the University of Colorado Health Scineces Center in Denver, explains: "It's not that exercise doesn't burn fat, it's just that we replace the calories."

This shouldn't discourage people from exercise, he says, but should help them be realistic about "calories in, calories out."

Monday, August 24, 2009


Friday night and Saturday mornings, I go to Bodyplex for my workout. I would try very hard to go on Sunday's but I can not do so every Sunday's depending on what I have to do that day.
This is the elliptical machine I like. I don' t know the series or style of it, but it's different from the traditional ellipiticals. Usually, I stay on it for an hour.

Love the screen. I just watch a show and boom, I'm done working out.

Just another view...

Next, I stay another hour and go on the Crossramp. Love it!

Just another view...

It's sad that I only have a few more weeks left at Bodyplex. I'm too cheap and broke to sign up for a membership. Definitely taking advantages of freebies.

The Run/Walk is September 10th and can't wait! Had fun last year.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Trying to eat healthier

It's been a year since I switched from whole milk to 2% milk. The kids are okay with that. Slowly, I've been switching up to healthier products.

In the past few months, they've been eating 100% whole wheat bread or multi grain bread. No more ground beef in spaghetti or tacos, only ground turkey. I am going to try the whole wheat spaghetti noodles soon.

The other night, I made tacos. Of course, the meat I used was ground turkey and the tortila was whole wheat. The sour cream was lowfat and so was the cheese. The meal was a big success and it's all gone now.

Last week, I started to go to Whole Foods because I had time to kill before I picked up my son from the YMCA. OMFG, I looooove their fresh fruits there, it is THAT tasty. I may go get some more today. I ONLY eat fugi apples, I am that picky and these apples are sooooooooo good that even my kids started to eat them cause they wouldn't eat them at first.

Another product I've been changing is chips. Instead of fried chips, I've been buying baked chips, not just Sunchips but I've been buying Kettle brand. I looooove it. The first time I've tasted it was at Publix.

I need to be better at eating rice. I love it. But I always forget to buy brown rice. I will make sure I buy some more tomorrow after I work out. Oh yeah, plan to bring my camera tonight to take pics of a particular elliptical machine that I absolutely love. I have no idea what model or style it is.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wow!!! Showing love and appreciation has its rewards!!!

I love blogging.

I will show my love and appreciation if someone or a company does very well. But I will call you out too if you suck.

Many times, I have written letters to companies when a worker has gone beyond what they have done for me.

It was no different for Induna. I am very very very very very flattered that Aardarsh sent an e-mail to "everyone" that was on the Induna database about the post I wrote about Induna in my Indian cinema blog!!!

Now, my blog has been getting hits almost every minute!

Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you

Hi Friends,

I believe a lot of you will already know Nicki (The Hmong chick who loves Indian cinema). Nicki has been a prolific blogger and an avid movie buff. She recently became a customer of and she has blogged about her experience with us.

We have been covered by several newspapers and magazines in the past, but an appreciation coming after the first-hand experience of a die-hand cinema fan has to be more special than what is written by journalists. To learn that we have been able to please a section of Indian cinema fans out there - we are flattered beyond words. Her post is a humbling experience as well. It sets the bar higher for us. And we promise to work even harder so that we can live up to the high expectations you have of us..You will have to forgive me for sending you a missive again so soon. Think it was just last week that I wrote to you about the release of New York? Well, we are on cloud-nine here and I had to share.

You can read her post here Why everyone should know about


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sketchers Shape Ups

Since I needed a new shoes anyways, I finally gave in and bought the Sketchers Shape Ups. You're suppose to change out your shoes once or twice a year depending on how much you wear them out.
I always wanted them anyways. I'm not a runner. I'm a walker. I can walk for miles.

Will have to take a picture with me wearing them.

I simply love them...

I always loved Sketchers but these shoes are to promote weight loss. I read so many positive reviews so had to try it myself.

Since I take my walks at work, I put them on and wow, I can feel it!!!

Bought the black ones too...I ain't gonna lie, a bit pricey but you pay for what you get sometimes, huh? I even got a dvd of how -to-walk-with-the-shoe with my purchase.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I've had the same cell phone number for 9 years!!!

No kidding.

Ever since 2000!!

I was just thinking about it today.

For those who says they were not able to keep in touch with me are sure lying, my cell phone and e-mails have remained the same, haha!

My cell phone carrier is T-Mobile. I <3 them.

However, when I first signed up, it was Powertel, then some other company bought over, then T-Mobile.

I have to say that T-Mobile is awesome!!! Looooove them.

Guess how many lines I have on my line?


That's right. 5!!

Youngest Brother's

And I pay less than $120 a month, with unlimited texting :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Hmong Movement - Duce Khan (Tou Moua) & Panhia Xiong

Just wanted to share here, love the song and meaning!!

Translating by the wonderful Ze Moua because I asked her. Thank you sooooooo much!!!

Listen to the song, if you haven't heard it yet....
or just let it play in the background as you go through the lyrics and translations...

Hmong lyrics by Sara Vang
Translations and rap lyrics by Ze Moua

peb cov hmoob yuav tsum koom ib lub siab ua ib pab
Our hmong people must come together with one heart and be one
peb thiaj pab tau cov neeg zoo ib yam li chai vaj
So we can help the people like Chai Vang
yog koj yog hmoob ces koj yeej paub qhov tseeb
If you are a Hmong, then you will know the truth
yog tim cov meskas thab plaub chai vaj thiaj li tua neeg
It’s because the American’s fooled around, so he killed
nco ntsoov tias peb tseem tshuav kwv tij neej tsa nyob tom teb chaws nplog
Remember that we still have relatives in the country of Laos
lawv tseem niaj hnub niaj hmo tua rog
Day and night, they are still struggling this war
nai phoo vaj pov koj twb ua tau ib tug nom loj
General Vang Pao, you are a high General
koj kuj hais koj cov meskas kom lawv muab ib co phom loj
Why don’t you ask your American to give us some guns
los rau peb cov menyuam laib uas tseem niaj hnub sib tua sib nkaug tom no
To our little gangsters who are killing one anther
muab lawv yuam los ua ib pab hmoob tub rog,
Force them to be a Hmong military group
muab lawv xa mus pab peb cov hmoob
send them to help our Hmong people
uas tseem niaj hnub sib tua nrog nplog
that are still fighting in Laos
peb cov hmoob tsis muaj cai hais tias peb tua rog thaiv hmoob teb chaws
Our Hmong people has no right to say we are at war for our country
Vim peb nkaum saum nplog roob
because we are in the mountain of Laos
tabsis peb muaj cai hais tias peb tua rog thaiv peb cov neeg hmoob
but we do have the right to say we are fighting for our Hmong people

txij lub sijhawm no yeah
From this moment on forward yeah
kuv mam sawv nrog koj
I will stand with you
mam nrog koj tuav hmoob lub npe yeah
I’ll hold the Hmong title with you yeahh
thov sawv daws koom tes yeah
Please lets all help each other yeah

Duce Khan *rapping*
We’ve been waiting for a long time with out peace
Slanted eyes got us categories as Asian
Craving for a moment caused by discrimination
Back in Laos our villages are still blazing
My heart aching from the video I’ve seen on youtube
Here is the Hmong movement, it includes you too
We can’t settle for a draw, either you win or you lose
To my generation, it’s time to pay your dues
We survived in genocide so lets rise world wide
And lets do the math, lets multiply
Through the Vang Pao years Hmong peace had been petrify
So lets load it up and cock it back and let it fly
We can’t fight for our country so lets fight for our people
Our ancestor watching over us like bald eagles
Lets shit on our enemies like seagulls
This is just the beginning there will be no sequel

txij lub sijhawm no yeah
From this moment on forward yeah
kuv mam sawv nrog koj
I will stand with you
mam nrog koj tuav hmoob lub npe yeah
I’ll hold the Hmong title with you yeah
thov sawv daws koom tes yeah
Please lets all help each other yeah

kuv mam ua txiv neej yawg uas txhos caug thov
I’ll be the man who kneels down and beg
thov peb cov hmoob pab vaj pov
Beg for our Hmong to help Vang Pao
lawv hais tias peb tsawg tsawg peb ua tsis tau dabtsi
They say we are very few, we can’t do anything
kuv hais tias peb yog hmoob tuag nthi peb tsis yog ua si
I say we are true Hmongs, we are not fooling around
peb tsis yog ua dog dig peb yeej ua tiag tiag
We are not fooling around, we are for reals
peb twb khiav dim peb tsis tau txog siav
we’ve escape and are not out of breath
yog tsis muaj nai phoo peb tsis muaj txoj sia
If we don’t have the General we would have never survived
yog meskas xav paub kev cai cia hmoob qhia
If the Americans want to know how it is, let us Hmong tell them
peb twb pab meskas tua nyab laj
We’ve helped the American fought the Communist
xav hais tias peb yuav tau txoj kev pab rov qab
We thought we were going to receive help in return
xav hais tias yuav tau lub neej tshav ntuj
We thought we were going to live in light (living life in sunlight, metaphor, sunlight is happiness/peace)
ua cas ho tau lub neej los nag
then why are we living our life in the rain (living the life in the rain, it’s a metaphor stating that rain is gloomy, gloomy is sadness)
twb yog vim meskas cov lus ib txwm yog lus dag
it’s because the American’s words had always been lies
peb thiaj li tsa tshuav kwv tij neej tsa
so we still have families and friends
nkaum hauv hav zoov tsis hais lus vim tsis xav mag
hiding in the forest without saying a word because they don’t want to get caught
tsis xav tuag nyob nplog thiab nyab laj teb
They don’t want to die in Vietnam and Laos
thiaj ua ib siab nkaum nyob ib lub neej tos peb
So they hide and live a life waiting for us

txij lub sijhawm no yeah
From this moment on forward yeah
kuv mam sawv nrog koj
I will stand with you
mam nrog koj tuav hmoob lub npe yeah
I’ll hold the Hmong title with you yeahh
thov sawv daws, sawv daws koom tes yeah
Please lets all, lets all help each other yeah

nco txog lub neej thaum ub lub kua muag poo
Tears falls endlessly as I reminisce of the past
thov, thov kom nej qhib nej ob lub qhov muag oh yeah
Please, please open both your eyes oh yeah
nej mam li paub,
Then you’ll know
nej mam li paub txoj kev, txoj kev tuag oh yeah
then you’ll know the way, you’ll know the way of death oh yeah
txoj kev, txoj kev tuag
the way, the way of death

Friday, August 7, 2009

You wake up that early to workout on a Saturday??

One of my girl friends just asked me that.

Yes, I do.

Right now, I have a 8-weeks free membership to Bodyplex.


My job is involve with the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk. So...Bodyplex. is sponsoring them this year. Last year, Bally's sponsored them.

I freaking love the exercise machines at Bodyplex. Very modern and high tech.

However, the place is a lot smaller than Bally's and it's farther for me to drive. The closest one is 30 minutes away.

Regardless, I enjoy going to Bodyplex. Just wish I had more time to work out.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just copying and pasting from my Hmong blog

Wanted to share this with my readers here since I posted on my Hmong blog. I met an American lady online who lives in Bangkok, Thailand and travels to Nongkai to show the imprisoned Hmong people support there. She has given me permission to use her photos to share on my blogs. In the meantime, watch these videos.
I cried while watching these videos....

158 Hmong refugees in Nong Khai, Thailand are at risk of forced repatriation to Laos. They state on April 6, 2006, the Lao Army killed 26 of their relatives. After hiding for years in the jungle they fled Laos seeking asylum in Thailand.

The Government of Laos claims these people are "economic migrants" not refugees. The UNHCR determined the survivors are refugees and legitimate asylum seekers.

These UNHCR refugees have been held in a small jail cell since Nov 17, 2006. The refugees spend 22 hours a day in a dark windowless cell. 91 children are in jail, 11 were born in prison. The Government of Laos has abused some returnees as reported by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. President Obama made a campaign promise to help Hmong refugees in Thailand and Laos.

MSF has treated nearly 8,000 Laotian Hmong refugees in northern Thailand over the last four years. Now MSFs work in the Huai Nam Khao camp is threatened.

We, Hmong people, need to come together

Title: "Rau Peb Cov Hmoob"
Band: Noj Tuag Production
Rapper: Hmoob Tswb Entertainment
Composer: Both featured singers & rappers.

Names in order of song:
-Mong Cha
-Tony Vue
-Nyia Cha
-Paul Chue

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm not the only one...

So I complained yesterday about my back ache.

Two of my co-workers also had the same problem. Just woke up and got back aches. Must be the weird weather.

I can't work out though! Makes me mad!!!!

However, I am looking up back exercises to prevent future pain.....

Monday, August 3, 2009

WTH weekend!

Since last Wednesday, I've got a stuffy and running nose. It started to fade by Saturday.

Busy on Saturday, took the kids out to the water park. It's a new one near my son's school, I like it a lot.

Later in the day, getting ready to go to a friend's birthday party at a Cuban restaurant. I always wanted to try Cuban and didn't have the opportunity in Miami.

No chicken. They ran out. So I didn't order anything. I did eat a Cuban cake. It was alright.

For some reason, I got a headache when I drove back home. I was knocked out when I got home.

I believe the cake had some alcohol in it. I don't drink so I really wouldn't know.

Woke up Sunday morning with a huge headache and lower back pains. Didn't do anything but watch Hong Kong movies all day Sunday.

Now, Monday morning, my back still hurts! I tried to go outside and walk but wasn't successful. Urgh....