Friday, August 12, 2011

Recent pic of me!

Just took this pic this morning....trying to grow out my hair!

See the no makeup pic? I only have lip gloss, hate chapped lips.
Again, hair is not dyed, just look like it from all the hot hairstylings

Monday, August 8, 2011

What is Happiness?

That question comes up a lot. Especially for me. Everyone defines happiness differently. Whether or not, you may seem to agree. Some people get happiness just by making others smile. While others want more materialistic things to be happy.

For me, happiness is being carefree. With all that, I want to be stressfree with money. I love everything about my life, except for the financial situations. (Oh yeah, my weight too but that's another issue at another time)

I need to do some soul searching about my career path and goals. Right now, I haaaaate my current full time job. I used to not hate it. I was just content. Right now, I'm not even content. I don't see myself working here in the future because there is no room for advancement. I felt like that earlier this year.

By summer time, I wanted to take advantage of their education tuition reimbursement, only to my shockness, that they will no longer offer that. I was upset. I've been with the company for 7 years, 3 out of those 7 years, I've gotten a raise (so yes, do the math, half of the years, I've been here, no raise), believe me, the raise is less than 2%. I was one of the ones who got a raise this year, but guess 1%, forget it.

I know, I should be just be fortunate to have a job. But I don't have to settle for less, you know. Especially if I'm not happy. I've talked to some of my friends who have gotten raises and are happy. After much thought and consideration, it is the industry of the company that you work in.

Not only that, I don't understand why my managers let my co-workers sly with coming to work late every day, taking smoke breaks every hour, calling in sick, etc. I know I could do the same thing but my work ethics and morals are not the same. I believe I don't have to stoop to their levels.

Because of that reason, I need to re-think about my life, what I want. Right now, I am doing three people's jobs because either they got laid off or quit. I think it's unfair. I know life is unfair...but it's up to me to change my fate/destiny, right?

Right now, I am hoping to find a better job, just so I won't have to come to work every day, hating it. The moral of my life has gotten down.

Career-wise and financially...I want to feel better...happier...stress-free.

I know the economy isn't at its best shape now, bills are stacking up high. I know but I have to stay strong for my family and me.