Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Aloe Vera plant


I freaking love this healing plant! If you don't know what it is, please sit back from an educational post on this wonderful plant.

Aloe vera is extracted from the aloe plant and has been credited with the ability to serve a medicinal purpose. Aloe is a succulent that can be grown indoors or outdoors. Aloe vera is used in many forms for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe vera has been used for centuries as a home remedy.Aloe vera that comes directly from the plant is a yellowish liquid. It can be obtained by simply breaking off a piece of the aloe vera plant. The liquid will run out and can be applied topically. The leaves can also be crushed and used as a salve. The healing properties of aloe vera come from the 18 amino acids it contains. It is used to heal skin that has been damaged. A common usage is to sooth sunburned skin. Aloe vera can also be made into juices, gels, powders and is often added to products. Aloe vera can be found in cosmetics, shampoos, lotions and many other common household aloe vera products. The many benefits of aloe vera are not fully researched as of yet.The healing uses of aloe vera have also been studied internally. When taken in a capsule form, aloe vera has proven to be a cure for constipation. Some people have found it to be a helpful cure for acne. Others simply love the way it adds softness to the skin. Other uses are currently unproven, but many people still rely on aloe vera to cure a range of common ailments.For centuries people have respected the healing and soothing nature of aloe vera. Aloe is commonly found as a houseplant. Families often pass down aloe vera plants from generation to generation along with it teaching about the healing properties the plant contains. More and more studies are conducted to help us discover the many ways aloe vera can help to heal the human body.


This plant means a lot to me. Let me tell you why.....

Several years ago I have gotten 2nd degree burns -- A second-degree burn injures the top layers of skin, called the epidermis, and extends down to the deeper layers of skin, called the dermis -- on my right breast-chest area. Although I have gone to the doctor several times, I wasn't getting results. The uneducated doctor told me that I would have to have plastic surgery for that area. It was definitely a large area that was burn -- at least 12 to 15 inches of burnt skin. In addition, he told me that I would have to keep on coming back to get wrapped up by THEM ONLY and pay my co-pay each time. Afterwards, I went to see a dermatologist (now why didn't think of that earlier?), the dermatologist didn't even touch me; he already knew what to prescribe to me. He told me to NOT wrap up anything around the affected area and wear loose, fitting shirts. Plus I had to make sure to keep the area moist so he prescribed to me greasy ointments.

Gosh, I hated the thought of this but had to do it. I knew I would have one BIG UGLY scar! With the education and knowledge from a fellow co-worker, Kim was telling me she had a HUGE aloe vera plant that can heal my scars once the skin starts healing and turns brown. She was NOT kidding at all. I love her for that. Unfortunately Kim left the company and I never gotten to thank her for educating me and we lost touch over the years. I still am grateful to her till this day. Maybe one day I'll meet her again. She used to bring me a new leaf weekly to use on my scars.

Within a few months, my scars were NO more. I have NO - I repeat NO scars from the second-degree burn! Sometimes I forget about that burning incident because I have no scar from it. But I am reminded again how wonderful this aloe vera plant is. Whenever I see or hear about aloe vera plant, I am reminded again about the scar I don't have. :)

A few many posts ago, I blogged about flea bites, I have a lot of scars from the flea bites and went looking for the aloe vera plants EVERYWHERE. For some reason, this year I am unable to find any aloe vera plants in Wal-Mart, Target, and Home Depot - which at first were available there.

I went searching on the net and found this guy in Georgia, where I also live, who has aloe vera plant farm and sells them. Immediately I ordered some. He had a special going on!!! I can not wait to get my plants!

Plus he is including to me in the package on how to take care of them and grow them! I even talked to him on the phone. I am so freaking excited. Hey, I am considering drinking the pulp for health purposes. I've seen in Asian markets - aloe vera drinks.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Sooo over the whatever-your-true-ethnicity-is American phrase. What I mean is, if you're an American, then you are. Why do you have to categorize who you are and tag American at the end? Are you not proud to be an American? I most definitely am! If people ask me for my nationality, I say American. Puh-leaze, I know what they meant. If they then ask about ethnicity, I'll say Hmong. Although most people don't know who the heck Hmong people are. I really don't care; I rather educate them than mislead them into thinking I'm a different ethncity. Yes, I do know some Hmong people who say they're either Thai or Lao just to ignore small talk. Why? You complain Americans don't know Hmong people. Educate them!

The other night I was talking to one of my friend that is half black, half Korean. She tells me that it is hard being a mix child because when she dates or have friends that are black, she's not black enough. Then when she's out with her Korean friends or is dating, she is not Korean enough. She's stuck. Even though I can not relate to her, my kids go through that struggle too at times.

Granted that my hubby is Asian and so am I but we're both different ethnicities. I'm Hmong and he's Khmer. We both speak different language. From both sides of the family, we always get the same questions. "Why aren't you teaching your kids Hmong" or "why aren't you teaching your kids Cambodian?" Shoot, they speak English because we're in America!!! I do try to teach them some Hmong but they have to want to learn it too. Hopefully in the future, they won't regret it. Now since I'm older, I wish my parents taught me Thai, Lao, and French. Yes, they can speak five languages - Hmong, English, Thai, Lao, and French.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Saying thank you

This post is not about Thanksgiving. I know it's coming up next month. But saying thank you for those who do a great job in helping you out.

Ever since I've been working at this particular company, I've been receiving thank you notes or even e-mails to my supervisor and manager about what a great job I've done.

It feels great to hear that. For me, I've always just treated others the same as how I would like to be treated. I don't think it's going the extra mile or what not. Little did I ever know that it would make a customer's day, yet even a frustrated co-worker!

Since then when I do have great customer service, I have written e-mails, letters, or even talked to their supervisor. I try to take time to do so to let others know how much I appreciate their hospitality. People like to be appreciated for the little things that they do.

It is so easy to get upset and just lose it. Or even complain to their supervisor or manager. But many people still do not let others know what a great job they've done. They usually get blamed and fingers pointed at them first.

Weight issues - scale vs clothes

Being a female, we tend to be our worst critics. No matter how many people tell you that you look great, you will always focus on the negatives. You damn if you do, you damn if you don't. It's also because women are so cruel. What I mean is this - you see a beautiful woman down the street, nicely toned body with long silky hair. She's a perfect ten in men's eyes. You know what other females say? They criticize her and say, "well, I'm sure she paid for those." Instead of giving props to her, they put her down so they can feel better. That makes me really mad. Comments like these are pure envious. No wonder women are never satisfied with themselves!

Or you have a woman who after having kids, worked out hard in the gym to keep her flattering figure and is proud of it. Women criticize her by saying, "why she always gotta show off" or "she looks good......for a mom." WTF???

I'm tired of stepping on the scale but it's motivating me to lose more weight. The pounds aren't shedding at all but the clothes are bigger ane looser. That is great but I have to challenge myself to do better. Make the pounds and clothes decrease.

People say muscles weigh more than fat but that's not true. Muscles just take up less room than fat. One pound of feathers = one pound of rocks. Just takes more to fill up with feathers, that's all.

It's also because I'm getting older so I'm losing more in areas than others. Maybe my body type is definitely curvy versus big on top because my jeans are falling down while by thighs still have some room.

I need to overcome all this free food stuff around the holidays. Every time I think I'm doing well, I disappoint myself. Got an email that there's free barbeque for everyone in the area tomorrow! Focus. Stay focus.

Monday, October 13, 2008

What Not to Wear

So it's Monday morning. I did study for an hour. Therefore, I went to bed around 2 am. I'm proud of myself. The lack of sleep didn't affect me much. I'm a bit sore from working out so hard especially the weight lifting. You know how it is when you get out of bed, soreness. But I'm okay now.

One of my favorite TV show is What Not to Wear. I love Clinton and Stacy. Sadly, I didn't know Clinton was in Atlanta to promote his latest book. Gosh, would've love to meet him and get his book at that time too!! But I got one of his and Stacy's older book, Dress Your Best. It's "the complete guide to finding the style that's right for your body." I'm stuck on my body type. My upper body definitely is bigger than my bottom body. However, I don't think my legs are that small. I'm stuck with Bigger on Top vs Curvy. Bigger on Top women have a huge chest with skinny legs; I don't think my legs are that skinny. My thighs and calves are huge. Curvy women have a bigger chest and big legs with smaller waist line. That sounds more like me but then again, I don't think my waist is that small. Not sure!! I know I have to find a XL or L shirt because of my chest but with pants/skirts, I can easily wear a M.

In addition to Clinton and Stacy's book, I got Carmindy's book - 5 Minute Face. I love her tips. Love what she wrote about Asian skin - "Asian women are the among the most naturally beautiful in the world. They usually have full lips (the kind the rest of us dream of) and skin that never seems to age. Asian complexions looks best when color is brought to the cheeks ans eyes are defined." Although I'm in my early 30s now, I still get people thinking I should be in my mid 20s at work and school. Feels great!!! Even some Asian friends who I haven't seen in decades tell me I haven't aged at all. Even though I'm not a huge makeup fan, putting it on to look natural yet lumunious is beautiful.

The other cast of What Not to Wear is Nick but all his books were out! With hair, I usually try to stay trendy anyways. Whether it's cuts or color. However, now I'm sticking strictly to cuts because I don't want to damage my hair anymore. But I would love for him to tell me what hairstyle/color would look best on me.

I want to make a complete transformation. With the workouts and looks, I want to look like I care. Can't wait for my professional career to take off!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thank goodness for the rain

I'm so happy that it rained today. Others may disagree but we haven't had rain a long time. My garden is dying! I love the cool breeze when it rains.

True, there are accidents and slower traffic but there are always positives/negatives in everything that happens.

Earlier I mentioned that I should exercise again at work starting today, Wednesday, but I'm unable to. Shoot, I completely forgot about the Diversity Meeting today at noon. Gotta go to it. I was voted the back-up secretary. Guess will start tomorrow. I usually like to go around 2ish because hate going to the gym around lunch time. Too crowded at times.

Love the autumn weather. Not too hot or cold. Not too many bugs around either. Plan to go to some more waterfalls again. Yah!

Don't plan to do anything for Thanksgiving this year. So sick and tired of always cooking. And people not coming on time.

ETA - back from the meeting.

I just had an interesting conversation with one of my co-workers. She is always broke and complains. Why does she go out and eat every day? Well, the convo was about donations. She was saying even though she's broke, she donates anyways because she never know in the future where she's going to be. I can understand that but this is my problem. Some people do not want to change at all!!! You can give a homeless person a job and a home; many will not care to continue that lifestyle. Some may want the idea of "give to me, me, me!" It's free, why not? That's one reason why I don't care to donate as much to big charities or stuff. I rather do adopt a family or something. A few years ago, my family and I were homeless because of a fire. But we got back on our feet within months. I don't see where all these "victims" continue to stay the way they are. They complain about everything and blame everyone for their problems. The problem first start with YOU!!!!

Now this has NOTHING to do with people who have chronic or terminal illnesses or have family members with that. They don't even complain like homeless folks.