Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend pics and recap

Good news
Took pics

Bad news
Battery died, couldn't find battery charger, hubby had it, he went fishing

The following are all the pics I had from the weekend. Beautiful weekened too! Sun came out and stayed!

Just as I mentioned in this post, I will take pics of the garden since it's been a while; thanks to the rain.

Front view of house

Side views of house

Back yard, see the bamboos?

Home-made bridge hubby built with logs for fun. Yes, there is a creek in the back yard, actually on the side of the house

Closer look of the log walk-pathway I mentioned earlier

Mail box area that hubby put plants around

Closer look of a few flowers that are blooming

Spending the day at Rhodes Jordan Park in Lawrenceville, GA.

Whenever I realize that I have expired bread, I will put them in the freezer. The freezer was packed with frozen bread. What do I use them for? For the kids to feed the ducks at the park!

Kids feeding the ducks.

Nope, I don't have little kids. Son will be a teenager next month. Time sure flies! Daughter will hit the double digits in November.

Kids swinging at the playground.

Even Puchy, the family dog enjoys the day at the park with a drink from the lake. She's a 8-years-old (9 next month) Minature Pinscher. We had her since she was a year old.

More views of the park.


Unknown said...

Your yard looks really good. I like how the area at the mailbox looks!

Sheetal said...

Nicki~!! *surprise* :) I simply had to come and visit your online home's fantastic! You enjoy blogging just like me. Although, I must admit sometimes life gets in the way and there's no time. And blog posts pile up like laundry. So I'm trying to be more frequent.

Nicki, I'm going to visit you more often on here, I love the photos of your yard at home~! "Chat" to you soon xx

MK said...

omg, you have a big yard! i love houses with big yard!

anywho the colored lenses can be prescribed but you can buy it without a prescription. I hiighly recommend to get a prescribed one tho.

MK said...
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Mz Lily said...

Pat did a great job with the landscaping. :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

The garden looks great & I can't believe how big your backyard is!

I love seeing everyone's pictures on their blogs. It makes me feel like I'm traveling to different places without having to even leave my house. lol