Monday, June 15, 2009

Preoccupied Saturday, followed by lazy Sunday

Don't know what it is.

On Saturday, it was a beautiful day but I did not want to get fooled. It has happened before. Just when you think it's going to be a beautiful day in the neighborhood, you get scattered rain.

When I was got up in the morning, I looked around and saw how beautiful the garden has gotten. So I snapped a couple of pics.

If you compare those pics to these when I first took them, then you could tell a big difference.

Aaaawww, yes. I saw Lizzie, that's what we call the lizards in the yard. When we first moved to the house three years ago. Hubby was re-modeling and re-doing the landscape. He saw a lot of lizards and kept them as pets. We even bought crickts to feed them. When we got the garden together, the lizards would see us and not be scared. They would let us touch and hold them. They're sooooo cute!

Are you able to find Lizzie below?

Afterwards, I took my daughter to go strawberry-picking. It was fun and couldn't believe there were so many people there already. We got there around 10 am.
OMG, freshly picked strawberries are soooo yummy!!! When I used them to make smoothies, I didn't have to add any sugar and/or honey to make them sweet. It was that good! Took pics of the place, not the strawberry smoothies :)

June is the last month for strawberry season too. I'm going to look up and see what other fruits and/or veggies for us to pick next :)

Later on, my daughter and I got home to place the strawberries in the fridge. We were craving Indian food. So we got ready to go eat some Indian food. Yummy! It's been several months since we've eaten it. Our favorite Indian restaurant cause it has the most variety on the lunch buffet. Just snapped a couple of pics.

Oh yeah, then I had a hair appointment! I didn't want to cut the length or anything. I'm trying to keep my hair longer. Just wanted to incorporate different styles. For three years, I've been going to the same stylist, Ava @ Van Michael at the Forum.

She is awesome!!!! With hair cuts, I do believe you pay for what you get. Ava prefers me with this length of hair. I was telling her that I plan to chop it off next year or so. I wanted to donate my hair to Locks of Love, which I've done before.

One of my co-workers think my hair looks shorter but Ava didn't trim or cut off any length, only volume. Whatcha think? Does it look shorter? I'm going to flat-iron my hair this weekend and see if there are any differences.

Besides all that and cooking, that makes up my Saturday.

Sunday was very lazy. All I did was cook a bit and watched the Kdrama, Iljimae all day. I need to stop. Well, did write up a review on it if you wanna check it out.



Unknown said...

Looks like ya had fun picking strawberries!

Mz Lily said...

Man...I've been late reading. lol...but I want to eat strawberries but not pick them. lol. I'll let the kids and hubby pick them. Anyways, I forgot how your hair was before but doesn't look very different. Maybe you have to style it or so differently but from the pics, I can't tell.