Thursday, December 23, 2010


I have a really bad toothache!

This toothache is soooo bad that it's causing me to have headaches! That's what I believe.

Now, I know that it is entirely MY fault for not getting it fix earlier. I have a cavity on one of my tooth that is causing the pain.

I knew about this several years ago but ignored it. Why? Because during that time, when the dentist told me the news, I didn't feel any pain.

Plus the cost to have it done was a lot of money because it's the canine tooth. Insurance pays some part but still....

Last year, that particular tooth cracked and a small portion is gone. It still didn't hurt me so I ignored it! For the past few months, it has been hurting.

Just the past few weeks, I have been using Orajel to ease the pain. It gets so bad that I cannot sleep at night.

That is all my fault! Urgh.

Finally today, I made an appointment to see the dentist next month. My dentist office is open on Saturday's and since it's a busy time for me at work, I can only go on Saturday's.

On top of being really busy at work, now I am very biatchy because of the toothache.

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