Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Becoming Vegetarian (again)

I mentioned yesterday that one of my goals is to become vegetarian (again).

For those who don't know me, I did it before. I was vegetarian for a whole year! During that time, I ate no meat products, not even chicken or fish, nothing "living" that used to breathe (eggs are always a debate!)

My main purpose was not to lose weight but more for inspirational, spiritual cleansing from within.

That was almost 5 years ago.
Why did I start eating meat again? So, why now?

I've been thinking for the past few months ago about going back. Growing up Hmong doesn't help either. Actually growing up Asian is tough since we eat anything that breathes, takes oxygen (except for humans :D lol) Hmong people eat a lot of pork, actually a lot of Asian dishes have pork.

The main reason I started to eat meat again was because the doctor told me my iron level is too low and I had to start eating meat again. Therefore, I started to eat chicken. Then chicken lead to some pork. Then I went back to my old eating habits again (except for beef, I absolutely hate the taste!)

But now, with more education and becoming aware of my surroundings, I want to do it again. Become vegetarian, or at least try!.

In addition, as I grow older, my body is weakening so I want to make it stronger and healthier. I think eating less meat will also help. It could also be my mental mind.
Plus the love of the Indian culture has influence it a lot. Good food doesn't have to contain a lot of meat or meat at all. Indian food are mostly vegetables, very tasty and flavorable without the meat. It's all how you marinate it and put in the dish.

I found this information about different types of vegetarians :D

1. Pescatarian (also spelled pescetarian)
The word “pescatarian” is occasionally used to describe those who abstain from eating all meat and animal flesh with the exception of fish. Although the word is not commonly used, more and more people are adopting this kind of diet, usually for health reasons or as a stepping stone to a fully vegetarian diet.

2. Flexitarian/Semi-vegetarian
You don’t have to be vegetarian to love vegetarian food! “Flexitarian” is a term recently coined to describe those who eat a mostly vegetarian diet, but occasionally eat meat.

3. Vegetarian (Lacto-ovo- vegetarian)
When most people think of vegetarians, they think of lacto-ovo-vegetarians. People who do not eat beef, pork, poultry, fish, shellfish or animal flesh of any kind, but do eat eggs and dairy products are lacto-ovo vegetarians (“lacto” comes from the Latin for milk, and “ovo” for egg).
Lacto-vegetarian is used to describe a vegetarian who does not eat eggs, but does eat dairy products.
Ovo-vegetarian refers to people who do not eat meat or dairy products but do eat eggs.

4. Vegan
Vegans do not eat meat of any kind and also do not eat eggs, dairy products, or processed foods containing these or other animal-derived ingredients such as gelatin. Many vegans also refrain from eating foods that are made using animal products that may not contain animal products in the finished process, such as sugar and some wines. There is some debate as to whether certain foods, such as honey, fit into a vegan diet.

5. Raw vegan/Raw food diet
A raw vegan diet consists of unprocessed vegan foods that have not been heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius). “Raw foodists” believe that foods cooked above this temperature have lost a significant amount of their nutritional value and are harmful to the body.

6. Macrobiotic
The macrobiotic diet, revered by some for its healthy and healing qualities, includes unprocessed vegan foods, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and allows the occasional consumption of fish. Sugar and refined oils are avoided. Perhaps the most unique qualifier of the macrobiotic diet is its emphasis on the consumption of Asian vegetables, such as daikon, and sea vegetables, such as seaweed.

I am going for #2 first
2. Flexitarian/Semi-vegetarian

You don’t have to be vegetarian to love vegetarian food! “Flexitarian” is a term recently coined to describe those who eat a mostly vegetarian diet, but occasionally eat meat.

For now, I am eating meatless weekdays and weekends eating only chicken and/or fish. But if I was to eat chicken on a weekday, I have to pick either Saturday or Sunday to be meatless :D

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