Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You still watch Bollywood movies?

Huh-uh, yeah.

On top of that, I watch Tollywood (Telugu) and Kollywood (Tamil) movies too. And guess what, Telugu and Tamil are both languages in India!

And add the other Indian languages -- Bengali, Kanadda, Punjabi, etc.

People still ask me this question till this day! They also ask, "how are you able to watch it?" "Do you understand it?"

There's something called Subtitles. I'm not fluent, if that's what you're asking. I love watching different types of movies.

Other cinema I watch are Korean, Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Filipino, and Japanese, which you could find on my Asian Cinema blog.

Most interesting comments are from Desi people!

They wonder why I, non-Desi, chick would even care to watch their films because even some of them don't even watch them.

Well, that I can not answer. All I know is that I enjoy them. I love the over-the-top masala, the how-many-more songs, bright colors, you name it! Oh! And I love the makeup on the heroines. Oh yeah, the good-looking guys.

Trying to have someone explain what is their passion is hard to do in one post.

But yeah, I still watch Bollywood movies.

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