Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today is a slow day at work.

It's also boring because I can not acceses the many blogs on Blogger like I used to. I think it has to do with the url being "blogspot" because I can get in "blogger."

When I get home, I always cook and clean up. I log in everything to read up on what I can't log in at work. I join many sites for different reasons. Sometimes, I amaze myself how many I join and keep up with.

Today, I do feel better, walking-wise. However, I am not going to take my walk-breaks yet. Maybe next week, when it's officially a 2-weeks time!

I really do miss working out but I have to watch my portion size. That's what is killing me. I even did some research on what type of exercise stretches would be good for my back and tailbone area. On most sites, I landed on a lot of Yogo activities.

Over the weekend, I finally met a blogger friend in "real" life. She's so sweet. I can see us hanging out more often. We even scheduled for another meetup.

Love meeting people with the same interests as me!

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