Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Get Active Tips

Got this in my inbox because I'm part of the KP Run/Walk. Just thought I'll share them here

What is cross training?
Cross training is an alternative exercise to running or walking. Running and walking can put stress on the calf, hamstring and the Achilles tendon. Although a little stress is good because it strengthens the muscle, cross training allows the muscle time to recover. Good cross training exercises include rowing, swimming and upper body weight training. Try not to do activities that will overly tire the muscles, like stair machines, step aerobics, lower body weight training, power walking and spinning classes.

Should I stretch before a run or walk?
There are essentially two schools of thought about stretching. Some experts say yes, some experts say no. Many injuries are caused by improper stretching - meaning stretching outside your range of motion. If you choose to stretch, be careful not to over extend your muscles. A three-minute walk before picking up the pace at the beginning of a walk or run, and then slowing the pace at the end of a run for a cool down works very well.

I'm cramped for time. How can I find time to exercise?
To maintain your progress, you need to work out at least every other day. If you are cramped for time, try to just exercise in five minute increments. Try a short walk in the morning and a short walk in the evening. Take a break from your computer and walk around the building. If you walk five minutes one day, you'll walk 10 minutes most days.

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