Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kids with cell phones

Both of my kids have their own cell phones. I don't give *bleep* what anyone says.

We don't have a home phone. We haven't for the past 5 years. It's a lot cheaper that way. It's only $10 for each additional line. Plus I hate the home phone because telemarketers call all the time.

My daughter has had her own cell phone since she was 6-years-old. And my son had it when he was 7-years old. Now, he is 13-years old and she is going to be 10-years-old in a few months.

My son hardly ever uses his cell phone. He is suppose to text or call me when he is at his desination after school. Ditto for my daughter.

However, my daughter uses it to also text one of her BFFs. Girls can text and talk forever on the phone!

In the past few months, my son just recently started to use his cell more often. Mainly for texting. And you know why? He likes a girl!

Yes, he does!

Oh gosh, I'm getting old!

Now, he wants a Blackberry phone. He wants a phone with a full keyboard so it would be easier for him to text.

Oh my goodness.

He is even willing to pay for it. He has saved his birthday and Christmas money.

I'm okay with it.

So we went looking for phones.

He didn't realize how much it cost! So now he is waiting for the contract to end next month. But by then, I will buy it for him. It will be his birthday present.

But he is getting impatient. So who knows.

Even though both of my kids have more things than other kids do, I don't think they are spoiled. They do appreciate what they have and realize that other kids don't have what they have.

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