Monday, August 3, 2009

WTH weekend!

Since last Wednesday, I've got a stuffy and running nose. It started to fade by Saturday.

Busy on Saturday, took the kids out to the water park. It's a new one near my son's school, I like it a lot.

Later in the day, getting ready to go to a friend's birthday party at a Cuban restaurant. I always wanted to try Cuban and didn't have the opportunity in Miami.

No chicken. They ran out. So I didn't order anything. I did eat a Cuban cake. It was alright.

For some reason, I got a headache when I drove back home. I was knocked out when I got home.

I believe the cake had some alcohol in it. I don't drink so I really wouldn't know.

Woke up Sunday morning with a huge headache and lower back pains. Didn't do anything but watch Hong Kong movies all day Sunday.

Now, Monday morning, my back still hurts! I tried to go outside and walk but wasn't successful. Urgh....

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