Monday, August 24, 2009


Friday night and Saturday mornings, I go to Bodyplex for my workout. I would try very hard to go on Sunday's but I can not do so every Sunday's depending on what I have to do that day.
This is the elliptical machine I like. I don' t know the series or style of it, but it's different from the traditional ellipiticals. Usually, I stay on it for an hour.

Love the screen. I just watch a show and boom, I'm done working out.

Just another view...

Next, I stay another hour and go on the Crossramp. Love it!

Just another view...

It's sad that I only have a few more weeks left at Bodyplex. I'm too cheap and broke to sign up for a membership. Definitely taking advantages of freebies.

The Run/Walk is September 10th and can't wait! Had fun last year.

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