Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wow!!! Showing love and appreciation has its rewards!!!

I love blogging.

I will show my love and appreciation if someone or a company does very well. But I will call you out too if you suck.

Many times, I have written letters to companies when a worker has gone beyond what they have done for me.

It was no different for Induna. I am very very very very very flattered that Aardarsh sent an e-mail to "everyone" that was on the Induna database about the post I wrote about Induna in my Indian cinema blog!!!

Now, my blog has been getting hits almost every minute!

Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you

Hi Friends,

I believe a lot of you will already know Nicki (The Hmong chick who loves Indian cinema). Nicki has been a prolific blogger and an avid movie buff. She recently became a customer of and she has blogged about her experience with us.

We have been covered by several newspapers and magazines in the past, but an appreciation coming after the first-hand experience of a die-hand cinema fan has to be more special than what is written by journalists. To learn that we have been able to please a section of Indian cinema fans out there - we are flattered beyond words. Her post is a humbling experience as well. It sets the bar higher for us. And we promise to work even harder so that we can live up to the high expectations you have of us..You will have to forgive me for sending you a missive again so soon. Think it was just last week that I wrote to you about the release of New York? Well, we are on cloud-nine here and I had to share.

You can read her post here Why everyone should know about


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