Friday, August 21, 2009

Trying to eat healthier

It's been a year since I switched from whole milk to 2% milk. The kids are okay with that. Slowly, I've been switching up to healthier products.

In the past few months, they've been eating 100% whole wheat bread or multi grain bread. No more ground beef in spaghetti or tacos, only ground turkey. I am going to try the whole wheat spaghetti noodles soon.

The other night, I made tacos. Of course, the meat I used was ground turkey and the tortila was whole wheat. The sour cream was lowfat and so was the cheese. The meal was a big success and it's all gone now.

Last week, I started to go to Whole Foods because I had time to kill before I picked up my son from the YMCA. OMFG, I looooove their fresh fruits there, it is THAT tasty. I may go get some more today. I ONLY eat fugi apples, I am that picky and these apples are sooooooooo good that even my kids started to eat them cause they wouldn't eat them at first.

Another product I've been changing is chips. Instead of fried chips, I've been buying baked chips, not just Sunchips but I've been buying Kettle brand. I looooove it. The first time I've tasted it was at Publix.

I need to be better at eating rice. I love it. But I always forget to buy brown rice. I will make sure I buy some more tomorrow after I work out. Oh yeah, plan to bring my camera tonight to take pics of a particular elliptical machine that I absolutely love. I have no idea what model or style it is.

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Dana Yoshimizu said...

woah you're so good. I need to start eating healthier >_< I want to lose weight, but I feel so unmotivated. lol Maybe when school starts in September, I'll work out again and get on a good diet