Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weight issues - scale vs clothes

Being a female, we tend to be our worst critics. No matter how many people tell you that you look great, you will always focus on the negatives. You damn if you do, you damn if you don't. It's also because women are so cruel. What I mean is this - you see a beautiful woman down the street, nicely toned body with long silky hair. She's a perfect ten in men's eyes. You know what other females say? They criticize her and say, "well, I'm sure she paid for those." Instead of giving props to her, they put her down so they can feel better. That makes me really mad. Comments like these are pure envious. No wonder women are never satisfied with themselves!

Or you have a woman who after having kids, worked out hard in the gym to keep her flattering figure and is proud of it. Women criticize her by saying, "why she always gotta show off" or "she looks good......for a mom." WTF???

I'm tired of stepping on the scale but it's motivating me to lose more weight. The pounds aren't shedding at all but the clothes are bigger ane looser. That is great but I have to challenge myself to do better. Make the pounds and clothes decrease.

People say muscles weigh more than fat but that's not true. Muscles just take up less room than fat. One pound of feathers = one pound of rocks. Just takes more to fill up with feathers, that's all.

It's also because I'm getting older so I'm losing more in areas than others. Maybe my body type is definitely curvy versus big on top because my jeans are falling down while by thighs still have some room.

I need to overcome all this free food stuff around the holidays. Every time I think I'm doing well, I disappoint myself. Got an email that there's free barbeque for everyone in the area tomorrow! Focus. Stay focus.

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