Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Sooo over the whatever-your-true-ethnicity-is American phrase. What I mean is, if you're an American, then you are. Why do you have to categorize who you are and tag American at the end? Are you not proud to be an American? I most definitely am! If people ask me for my nationality, I say American. Puh-leaze, I know what they meant. If they then ask about ethnicity, I'll say Hmong. Although most people don't know who the heck Hmong people are. I really don't care; I rather educate them than mislead them into thinking I'm a different ethncity. Yes, I do know some Hmong people who say they're either Thai or Lao just to ignore small talk. Why? You complain Americans don't know Hmong people. Educate them!

The other night I was talking to one of my friend that is half black, half Korean. She tells me that it is hard being a mix child because when she dates or have friends that are black, she's not black enough. Then when she's out with her Korean friends or is dating, she is not Korean enough. She's stuck. Even though I can not relate to her, my kids go through that struggle too at times.

Granted that my hubby is Asian and so am I but we're both different ethnicities. I'm Hmong and he's Khmer. We both speak different language. From both sides of the family, we always get the same questions. "Why aren't you teaching your kids Hmong" or "why aren't you teaching your kids Cambodian?" Shoot, they speak English because we're in America!!! I do try to teach them some Hmong but they have to want to learn it too. Hopefully in the future, they won't regret it. Now since I'm older, I wish my parents taught me Thai, Lao, and French. Yes, they can speak five languages - Hmong, English, Thai, Lao, and French.

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