Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thank goodness for the rain

I'm so happy that it rained today. Others may disagree but we haven't had rain a long time. My garden is dying! I love the cool breeze when it rains.

True, there are accidents and slower traffic but there are always positives/negatives in everything that happens.

Earlier I mentioned that I should exercise again at work starting today, Wednesday, but I'm unable to. Shoot, I completely forgot about the Diversity Meeting today at noon. Gotta go to it. I was voted the back-up secretary. Guess will start tomorrow. I usually like to go around 2ish because hate going to the gym around lunch time. Too crowded at times.

Love the autumn weather. Not too hot or cold. Not too many bugs around either. Plan to go to some more waterfalls again. Yah!

Don't plan to do anything for Thanksgiving this year. So sick and tired of always cooking. And people not coming on time.

ETA - back from the meeting.

I just had an interesting conversation with one of my co-workers. She is always broke and complains. Why does she go out and eat every day? Well, the convo was about donations. She was saying even though she's broke, she donates anyways because she never know in the future where she's going to be. I can understand that but this is my problem. Some people do not want to change at all!!! You can give a homeless person a job and a home; many will not care to continue that lifestyle. Some may want the idea of "give to me, me, me!" It's free, why not? That's one reason why I don't care to donate as much to big charities or stuff. I rather do adopt a family or something. A few years ago, my family and I were homeless because of a fire. But we got back on our feet within months. I don't see where all these "victims" continue to stay the way they are. They complain about everything and blame everyone for their problems. The problem first start with YOU!!!!

Now this has NOTHING to do with people who have chronic or terminal illnesses or have family members with that. They don't even complain like homeless folks.

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