Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Saying thank you

This post is not about Thanksgiving. I know it's coming up next month. But saying thank you for those who do a great job in helping you out.

Ever since I've been working at this particular company, I've been receiving thank you notes or even e-mails to my supervisor and manager about what a great job I've done.

It feels great to hear that. For me, I've always just treated others the same as how I would like to be treated. I don't think it's going the extra mile or what not. Little did I ever know that it would make a customer's day, yet even a frustrated co-worker!

Since then when I do have great customer service, I have written e-mails, letters, or even talked to their supervisor. I try to take time to do so to let others know how much I appreciate their hospitality. People like to be appreciated for the little things that they do.

It is so easy to get upset and just lose it. Or even complain to their supervisor or manager. But many people still do not let others know what a great job they've done. They usually get blamed and fingers pointed at them first.

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