Friday, September 26, 2008

Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk

Wow, I'm a bit sore this morning. Last night at the Run/Walk, I was able to run half and walk the other half. It felt great!!! Well, not this morning but it was a huge accomplishment for me. Next year, I will do the run and train for it too. I'm excited. Not sure if I'll still be at the same company but I'm going to do it!! It'll help me lose lots more weight, be active, and energetic. I was very impress running with one of my heavy-set coworker. Dang, he can out-run me!!!!

While I was running downhill, I heard my name. One of my ex-coworker saw me! OMG, it was so great to reunite with her! I haven't seen her in years! Since I'm competitive, I didn't walk with them too long and continued running afterwards. Later I was looking for their company's tent but unable to do so. There were so many companies there! Over 200, I believe! The event was huge. Got a lot of freebies! Loving it! Protein granola bars and smooties everywhere! Vitamin water and bottled water too.

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