Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bitten by fleas & workout

My dog Puchy got a lot of fleas. I still love her to death though. She's an 8-year-old Min Pin. We've had her since she was a year old and is a part of the family. Never ever have we had a flea problem until several months ago. All these stupid stray dogs are running around in the neighborhood infested with fleas!! They come to our yard and then Puchy goes outside to pee and voila - Puchy gets it, brings it in the house...then we all get it. Puchy's been sleeping in the garage since then. We bathe her daily, comb her hair, flea-bomb the place twice!! I'm over it. My leg looks so nasty now with all the flea bites. I must have some yummy, juicy, sweet blood that the fleas keep coming back to me and biting me! Only me! Well, my daughter, but not as bad as me! Urgh! They have been areas as my butt, back, thighs, arms, chest, and even neck!! My ankle and feet area are the worse though. I'm so pissed off at Cook's Pest Control - they stood me up twice! I set up appointments and they never showed up. So hubby said forget it. He got some advise from people at work and he's treating the house their way. I've ordered medicine for Puchy and should get it in the mail today. Hopefully!!

On a brighter note, I've been working out again. Just slowly doing it again. I've been idle for a month or so because of hectic life at work and home. Although I say I prefer to work out in the morning, I have been doing it in the late evenings. My typical workout is jump roping. I love that! I usually jump rope for 30 mins. How I calculate it is if I do 600 jump ropes - that's equal to 10 mins worth. So I do 3 sets of 600 jump ropes to equal 1800 jump ropes and 30 mins. I may go over or a little less but it pretty much balances out.

I feel great after the workouts. I eat less, have more energy. However, I don't see a significant amount of weight loss on the scale but I feel great in my clothes. Hubby hugged me yesterday and told me that I've lost weight cause he can't pull on my extra, snuggled skin like he did a few days ago. Yah! Sucess!

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