Thursday, September 11, 2008

7th year anniversary of 9/11

When you just say 9/11, you should know what it means. I shouldn't have to go into details into what happened on that tragic day of 09/11/2001.

Listening to Q100 this morning, they've been playing the 9/11 Montage. I was in tears, like I was every year. All those feelings are still there. At the time it happened, I was working at a different company and we all gathered outside, held hands, and prayed.

Although I didn't know personally know anyone who got effected, my heart still goes out to the families who have lost a love one.

I'm a very patriotic person. Everyday I thank my parents for letting me come to the USA for a better life. Many Hmong familes are still getting killed in Laos and Thailand till this day! It saddens me.

I'm an American, I've been here since I was six months old and now I'm in my early 30s. Never will I forget who I am.

But I am very patriotic because USA let my family come here. One of my pet peeves is minorities dissing USA. Why don't you go back to your country?

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