Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Haberno peppers & Karma

Oh gosh, my stomach is killing me!!! Well, the deal is I love hot and spicy food! Yummy! I can eat a whole jar of jalepeno peppers. That's how much I love spiciness. Me likes some spice in my life. I love to spice up my food so much that hubby grew a veggie garden full of Thai red peppers, jalepenos, and haberno peppers. Yummy!!! Usually when I cook chicken stir fry, I add any of the peppers for flavor. Then I save a portion for me and stir in more peppers for my dish. Last night after work, I came home to cook some chicken breast stir fried with sliced green beans. Add in about four haberno peppers and two red jalepeno peppers. It was so yummy. Then mix it with Jasmine rice. Oh my goodness. A few hours later, my stomach was killing me!!!! Oh gosh, I've never had my stomach feel this upset ever! My stomach is even killing me this morning!! That's what I get. When I ate the food, it was so tasty though...lol

Do you believe in Karma? I do to a certain extent. I believe in the "what comes around goes around even harder" way. Not calling anyone out cause I would hate to do that. There are a handful of people who have made my life miserable. So miserable that I was in a state of depression a few years ago. I feel bad for them now but yet have a sense of joy, I know I may sound evil and get crucify for saying this but their lives are not so well now. When I first hear about it, my first instant was sorrow...then later it turned to a bit of a smirk. Just thinking back how awful they have treated my family and me makes me so mad. I have forgiven them but it's not easy to forget.

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Girl on Top said...

You're making me hungry!!! I love spicy food too. I could use some papaya right now!

I try not to smile when I hear about bad news, but I totally do. It's bad, but human nature. I don't blame you. And hopefully I wasn't one of the aforementioned persons. :)