Sunday, September 7, 2008

Can't believe I was watching the VMAs

studying, and getting on the net at the same time! Ha!

I mainly watched the VMAs to see Fanny Pak and Kaba Modern performed. Although I am a huge Kaba Modern fan, I am glad to see Fanny Pak take it. I think Kaba Modern should've taken ABDC season 1 and Fanny Pak take ABDC season 2.

Still in shock, I am surprise that the Pussycat Dolls beat Chris Brown in the Best Dance video. PD can't sing but they sure are entertaining. OMG, they're going to head to Bollywood soon too. You can also watch the video here.

Britney so did not deserve the first award!! Oh gosh, I sound so much like a whiner, hahaha.

VMAs are getting more boring every year. I still can't believe I have it on!

I will definitely study a bit more before heading for bed.

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