Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Which phrase is more accurate?

“Good things come to those who wait”


“The early bird catches the worm”

A month ago I posted on Facebook about me having patience but not everything is turning out to be the way I want it to be. Maybe it's my high output expectations of life that is making me feel disappointed?

So is that phrase accurate? "Good things come to those who wait"

My friend told me it's "the early bird catches the worm"

I'm just not an attention-seeking person. Maybe that's my problem.

For me, I rather let it happen first and then tell people.

I don't like to boast about things that may happen but it may not.

Maybe it's just my level of pride and accomplishments.

For example, I hear soooo many people telling me that they are going to school for this and that and they will make a certain amount of money.

Good for you.

I'm talking about the Asian people that I know around my same age group, some even younger.

Many of them have been bragging to me about going to a certain college for a degree. But then again, 80% of them haven't even finish school either.

It was how they felt at that time. Whatever reason it was for them to not finish school, it's the level of disappointment I hear from them when someone ask, "how's school going" or "how long do you have"

Maybe I should go for "the early bird catches the worm"

Take all I can and make use of it??

I could, but that's not me....

To me, I go out of my way a lot for others. Many of them do not appreciate it. However, it makes me feel good inside.

For example, I often volunteer myself to help out someone, stay later than usual at a birthday party to help clean up, send out random cards to friends to let them know I am thinking about them, plan a surprise party for my mom's friend because I think she is an amazing lady.

Maybe my tactic is not as great as a goal seeker and attention getter but I still believe that what I like to do, blog what I like, and my thoughts.

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Cardamom Kisses said...

There's always a middle way too :)

I used to be that kind of person who always volunteered, helped out, came up with new ideas, made sure things happened/got done, did that extra bit just to make someone smile or make their day a bit easier or more fun - like make a few extra phonecalls just to listen or cheer someone up; plan a surprise party for a friend who was too busy to arrange a birthday celebration for herself; or get a group of friends to donate some money and then I'd go buy a basket full of groceries for a friend who was too ill and skint to get by on her own.

Then one day I fell seriously ill myself, and life sort of came to a halt. Gone were 99,9% of all my "friends", that very second. And my job too. It made me realise how many of my relationships were built on an unwritten give-and-take principle, only I was the one giving all the time... giving freely to everyone else but myself. And when I had nothing to give, well... they left. It was a very interesting discovery, to say the least. And it became even more clear when my best friend since we were children literally broke up with me the first time I (with a very good reason and intent) said no to her...

Since I fell ill about four years ago, the nicest thing anyone has done for me is (except for my parents supporting me financially) actually you, Nicki, sending me those DVDs - it absolutely meant the world to me, it was and still is one of the loveliest things someone ever did for me and I will always remember it with immense gratitude <3 The xmas card too! Hugely appreciated.

So, what I meant to say is that I think either way that comes naturally to a person is the "right" one. For every generous person there will always be one or more to take advantage of him/her, and for every "taker" there will be someone happily supplying him/her with what he/she asks for. Another important factor is whether one does what one does hoping for (counting on) some sort of reward or not. I believe I did what I did mostly because it came straight from the heart, I enjoyed making people happy. And I still do :) However, had I been doing those things believing that there is some sort of balance in the world and that all good somehow would reflect back on me in equal or greater amount, I'd probably be a very very bitter, cynical and sad person right now ;)

I still try to be there for others, but with one big difference: I no longer put others before myself. It's easy to forget that relationships are no investment for the future and that being there for someone is no guarantee that they will be there for you when you need them - friendship is simply something to be enjoyed in each moment without expectations.

Sorry about the wordy comment!

I think you're amazing! Thank you for being you <3