Sunday, May 16, 2010

Posting photos online Etiquettes (of others)

1. Don't always assume that posting pictures online is okay.

2. If you look good in a group picture (more than 2 people), ask the other person if it's okay to post the picture. Just because you look good doesn't mean that person feel the same.

3. Do unto others as you want them to do unto you. When you posted that ugly picture of that person, why get mad that an ugly picture of you is up now?

4. If that person wants to see the pictures, e-mail the pictures, no need posting online. Make a private album, only give access to those who are in the picture. Let it be up to that person to post themselves.

5. If your life is that boring that you need photo comments online to feel special, then you really need to get out more and get a life.

I have to admit that I used to not do this. I used to think it was just "cute" just to post online.

It's a matter of experience and learning that made me to where I am today.

My hubby is really against me posting pictures online of him and the kids. It's a security issue for him. He says if I want to post pics of myself, go ahead. Just leave him and the kids out.

A few of my friends were really against posting any pictures of them online. Now, I understand. Just because you and a group of friends think it's okay to do so, does not make it right. If you wanted to share, you could ask first. Or post them and  then take it down later, especially if the pics are of an event months or years ago.

Maybe I look awful now that I'm feeling this? No, not really. I do look awful but I feel weird leaving some of my older pics up now. If people haven't seen it yet, then too bad on them. It's called e-mailing so they could have their own.

It's the point of friends of friends who also have access or those who don't know you or the other person having access.

Social networking makes it so much easier now.

I may seem a lot younger than my age (30s) but that's because of the fangirlness when I watch Indian cinema. However, in reality, everything else, I think I am mature at. When it comes to the "real" life, I believe I am a responsible and sincere person.

Maybe that's my mistake, I think of others before myself. Therefore, there is the miscommunication of me feeling like an idiot sometimes.

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