Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random rants & thoughts

My hubby always tells me that he doesn’t understand why I care for my so-called “friends” and “family.”

It’s no secret that I am not close to my siblings. I am there for them but we are not close and do not open up to each other.

The “friends” that I have are more like social butterflies. We usually meet because of gatherings for whatever reasons. I’m not close to many of them. Honestly, maybe because I feel that I tell them a lot about my life but they don’t open up to me. Therefore, I don’t want to tell them anything else about myself.

I know a lot of people. I often introduce myself to many people and continue to keep in touch. Sometimes, I wonder why I do that. To make conversation? To see how that person is doing?

I swear social networking makes it so easy to make “friends.” You meet once, then you add them on Facebook as a “friend.” Then you get status updates. So now, you two are cool and BFFs.

Yeah, right. It really isn’t that easy.

Too many assumptions on Facebook. Instead of being straight forward, you just “assume” something because of a vague status update.

Then you have others who lurk and lurk. And lurk some more. Never ever comment but behind your back, talk about you because they’ve been keeping up with the status updates.

Wow, this is turning to be a Facebook thing….

Hubby continues to tell me that he has let go of those who don’t care in life (friends & even family members)…maybe I should too? He says I always make the extra effort to visit and plan to meet others, but it’s not the other day around.

I get it. I do. Again, why do I care for others if they don’t? That’s something I have to do a lot of meditation and think some more about.

However, in the end, I know for a fact that no one else cares for me more than my hubby. Not even my parents or kids.

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