Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Miami trip in Photos - Day 1

Only selected pics were used in this blog since I've taken around 400 pics, not necessary all of myself :)

Thursday - June 25, 2009

I have not flown anywhere since 2002...something like that so it was interesting to see how a lot of things have changed.

Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta is one of my largest and businest airports in the USA, along with Denver and Chicago's airports.

How I miss being able to watch the airplanes fly when saying goodbye to a love one!

Yah, complimentary of AirTran. I get to read something on my favorite Hollywood hottie -- Will Smith -- he's my fave for acting, looks, talent, personality, etc.

This is all you get on the flight now. Pretzels and a drink, but look how small that cup is and they fill it up with sooo much ice!!

View of Miami from the top

Waiting for a shuttle bus to get rental car

Waiting in the gorgeous lobby of the Hyatt in downtown Miami

We're in Room 2315, which is the Regency Suite. Rolling 1st class!

Room...kinda small for three ladies, hehe

But can't complain, friend got hookup at the hotel, stayed for free. Plus in the Regency Suite, we get complimentary snacks and drinks.

Decided to hit Bayside Marketplace, which is a 10-minutes walk. Just checking out the scenery

These gorgeous Banyan trees are everywhere in Miami

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